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Who Are You

A few years ago, my theology lector asked me, Who Are You. All my answers were wrong, right but wrong, if you know the deeper stuff. Well, that put me on a 4 year search.

I know Who I AM, I know why I am here.

You are very strong and

You are very strong and determined, Dawie. Ah, a 4-year search for Truth. .

I wasn't even aware that I was searching until Godwriting appeared in my life and I had to know God for myself. How did this happened, I don't know. It was like out of the blue!

As I look back now. I believe I was always seeking God and Truth. I was seeking it from great literature. I just didn't know it was God and Truth I was seeking . At this point, I was demanding to know God!

We all have unique stories. Somehow, God finds us! It's beautiful when it happens!