The Source and Goal of All Love

God said:

When your heart aches, whatever the perceived cause, your heart is aching for Me.

When you feel that something is missing in your life, no matter how clear nor how vague your feeling, it is I you are longing for.

I am the Alpha and the Omega, and yet there is not beginning and not ending. There is Being. Being is. Love is.

When you are longing, and therefore feeling something is missing, you have misplaced your attention for a little while. Therefore, you experience a longing. You may not know that your longing is for Me. You just feel the sense of emptiness you call longing.

When your boyfriend has left you, no matter how much you long for him and his attention, he is a symbol of Me. You caught a fragment, and so you thought your beloved was the Human before you and that he caused your love. No matter how much you thought so, he never was paramount. It was your own love that starred all the time.

Beloved, there is you and there is I, our Oneness disguised as two. There is no third either. No matter how much you believe there is, your love was attachment to a fiction. You had a vision before you. Now remember there is no other. No matter how much you love another, there is no another. You love an image you have put before you. No matter how much flesh and bone, it is still an image you have projected onto the screen of your heart.

You have objects of your love. This is wonderful. Enjoy. And yet you need no object for your love. Your love is, and you focus it. When a loved one leaves your presence or leaves your heart, you are presented with the splendid opportunity to discover the ever-present Vastness of your love. Your love swooped down for a moment or years or a lifetime and plucked a personage as a bird would pluck a seed, and yet even your greatest love is a diversion, a place card for Me. Love loves love. Love loves itself.

You love food. A certain food is presented to you, and that is your feast, and you eat it up. Perhaps the food is berries from the field or a vegetable soup from your garden. You say you love one food or another, and yet what you really love is to eat. And so you love to love. I am before you, beloveds, and I serve you Myself as the fullness of love every moment.

Your mother was a stand-in for My love. Your husband is. Your children are. There is One Love, and it is Ours. This love can never be taken from you. Love stands in you. It is like you paint with your love. You put a daub here and there. You pour a whole can of love on one illusion. All the while, the paint is all yours. You just put it somewhere. And so is it with love. And yet it is all yours, and it is all Mine, and love cannot depart. Objects can vary, but love is love. Despite what you perceive, love does not wander. It is extant whatever happens in the relative world. Love is yours. No matter how much you give it away, it is still yours.

Enjoy objects of your love, and know they are incidental. No matter how important-seeming to you, they are incidental. They have been instrumental in showing you the love that exists within you. You are mistaken to believe that your love is dependent upon the good wishes or presence or attention to or from others. Love is not dependent. Love is the Source of itself and requires no object. Enjoy the landing of your love on another, yet know another is not its source. You and I are. I AM.

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Thank you so much. I have

Thank you so much. I have been struggling when friendships that have been precious to me have run their course. I have been blessed with the timely appearances of friends.
Grateful I am. Thank you again.

Barbara so beautiful. so beautiful. does not need an all!! Wow liberating...Just to love for the sake of Love...Beautiful indeed. So that's why I love Love so much. Loving you always and anyway!! Jimi.

Each new moment is like a sacred prayer bead...held lightly and lovingly.

That is soo beautiful and so

That is soo beautiful and so true.
Nought else need be said!


everything speaks about

everything speaks about being reborn

you cannot let the past create your reactions to life

go with god

2 Heavenletter Haikus for

2 Heavenletter Haikus for you

Hello Friends,

God said Beloved
There is you and there is I
There is our Oneness

God said love is yours
No matter how much your give
Love cannot depart

Love, Light and Aloha!

A wonderful wonderful Love

A wonderful wonderful Love Letter ! How much confusion men has made concerning this Truth !

Sweetest Jimi, loving you always and anyway too, .... and yes Bernie, go with God always!! Could be a bumper sticker "Go with God" !

Wonderful Haikus, many many thanks !!

Love and blessings to all !

I believe that the Spanish

I believe that the Spanish Via con Dios means Go with God!

Vai con Dio in italian

Vai con Dio in italian :wub:


Hi Each I beg to differ only

Hi Each I beg to differ only from my experience of late that a person family member Parent, Husband can with hold their Love and Reject Your Love, which is their choice. Not God's or Mine, and still I give my Love in face of rejection all the time.. for this is the way it has to be With Love even in Suffering when your heart seems like it breaks... and God is there to mend the hurt and heal the pain of the mind we still learn to be kind. Luv Daisy

Love loves love

When your heart aches, whatever the perceived cause, your heart is aching for Me.

When you feel that something is missing in your life, no matter how clear nor how vague your feeling, it is I you are longing for.

This was given to me today by our Cosmic Heavenletter Generator, and since it's from the day before I made my first comment on this forum, I can't help writing something. Although I really love the silly idea of something like a cosmic slot machine choosing a Heavenletter for me, today I feel this one has been plucked for me by the little bird of love that swoops down for a moment or years or a lifetime.