Physical Bodies

God said:

Do not think that bodies are something to put up with, yours or others. I know that sometimes bodies get in your way. I know that many of My children have gleaned in a myriad of ways that bodies are not good, and that you would be better off without them.

It is true that bodies are physical, and they are the least of you, but that does not mean they are not due respect.

You are in a body today for a reason, or you would not be in it.

Be kind to this body that houses you. In terms of the eternal, your body is irrelevant. But while you are in it, it has merit.

It's true that your body can seem to hold you down, but it is also true that your body houses a great soul, and for that alone, it is due honor.

It is true that a body is a cumbersome thing, but it is also agile. A body can do any number of wonderful things. It wants to serve you and serve you as best as it can. The body does not want to keep you back from anything. Of itself, the body is not much, but with you at its helm, it is a wonder.

Bodies are not to be neglected. If you had a servant as loyal as your body, you would treat him well.

You may have felt that your body is something you are stuck with for an indeterminable amount of time. It is true enough that your body is disposable, but you can also look at your body as a friend who doesn't last on earth forever and whom you can treat kindly during its stay. Certainly, your body is patient with you. Cannot you be patient with it?

Think of it, your body is made of light.

Yet, many on earth may give more regard to the car they drive than the body they live in.

If you cannot adore your physical body, can you not love it for its usefulness? It does not take precedence over your soul, but your body is not a bad guy either. It is not out to get you. It is out to serve you. Give it a gratuity every once in a while.

Bodies are but a token of you, but they are, nevertheless, your token.

Consider your body a horse that takes you everywhere you tell it to. Give it a kind word. Give it its due. Feed it well. Give it good water. Give it time to rest. Brush it. Praise it. Let it know that you are glad for its willing service.

Its service has an end, but until then, it is your chariot. You are the driver of it, and it is nothing without you, but still, for now, it is yours, and it does your bidding. You are the keeper of it.

Do not just tolerate your body. Enjoy your relationship with it. Your body is no excuse for confinement of your heart and soul, for, with or without body, you are supreme. Your body can slow down, but it cannot deter you. Your body does not have the say over you.

If your body is in shambles, that doesn't mean you are. Whatever your body is doing or not doing, it is only a wrapping around you. Whatever its appearance, hale and hearty, beautiful, strong, efficient — or weak, tired, worn, flagging — it has no one but you to take care of it. Take care of your body with your thoughts and your regard for it. Your body does not take ascension over you, but it is not to be downplayed either.

Today, give your body a nod of recognition. Thank it.

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Be kind to this body that

Be kind to this body that houses you. In terms of the eternal, your body is irrelevant. But while you are in it, it has merit.

I am speachless at the beauty of this love letter.
Love You.