A World of Oneness

God said:

What do you spend your time thinking of? Will you allocate some of that time to Me? Just to let Me know that you remember what you are made of. Just so you remember your heritage and what your presence in the world means to Me. What if it is true that I am a loving Presence in your life? Of course, it is true, but you may be full of doubt, so that is why I say, What if it is true?

As in a game, for this one moment, go on the premise that it is true that I am stalwart behind you and with you and never absent from you. What then? Do you feel the surge of love and strength that now course through you? Do you feel what it would be like to have God Almighty always at your side — even closer than that? So intimate to you that I cannot be extricated from you? So inseparable that We are incapable of separation, that We are the Subject, and there is no object to speculate on?

What if the God of Your Fathers is God Within You? Could We be any closer? I am definitely within you, and yet I am contained everywhere. I encompass everything because I am so great, and I cannot be squeezed. There is no place big enough to accommodate Me, and still there is no place without Me.

You fear I am too good to be true. And yet, My dear ones, I am the only True there is.

You, who are an expression of Me, also express Me whether you are conscious of it or not. You see, if I am Everything, which I truly am, then are you not also Everything? What is Everything but Oneness. Oneness is expressed in infinite ways. Infinity expresses itself infinitely. And you are one of My expressions, yet there is not more than One.

In the physical illusion of the world, there are many expressions of That Which Is Only One and Cannot Be Anything Else.

The expression that the seed falls not far from the tree is not quite precise. The tree is the seed, and the seed is the tree. We can say that DNA is you, and you are DNA. And how can the initials begin to say anything about you? And what is there to say but that you are Mine, and, therefore, you and I are One.

You are the fish in the sea that I have caught. But I also put you in the sea in the first place, and I have never left you, so who is the fish and who is the Fisherman?

You are the foliage that grows, and you walk through the foliage that is yourself as well.

There is nothing but you in the whole universe.

The stars and other dignitaries of the Heavens are you as well as a singular blade of grass.

What am I but you? The Maker of You made you of Himself, so what are you but I? And what else could you possibly ever want to be?

And yet you define yourself in lesser ways. Anything else has to be less.

Rich man, beggarman, thief — what have those words to do with you when you are My Magnificence trotting around on earth?

What on earth is greater than you? And what on earth can possibly be less than you? And what are all the limits on earth about, and who put them there, and who will remove them?

Bless the world with My Oneness, for it is yours.

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Only One

In the physical illusion of the world, there are many expressions of That Which Is Only One and Cannot Be Anything Else.

The most significant word in this sentence for me at the moment is Cannot . I have been feeling this Cannot Be Anything Else for some time now, something powerfully resounding athough not understood by mind. The effect is that there are precisely 2 items of real interest left for me, Oneness and the immediacy of life unfurling. They are not really 2. I do not know the feeling of indifference, it's not in my repertoire, and yet I catch myself slowly lifting my shoulders and dropping them again when looking at things that were intriguing once and are boring speculation now. I wish I could speak simple words that aren't speculation.

Well, we have Someone Who can:

We are incapable of separation, […] We are the Subject, and there is no object to speculate on.