The Art of Guilt

God said:

You have to rise above what you call errors or even what you call sins in life. The concept of sin keeps you back. Surely, you know it is My desire that you rise. The belief in sin is a way to nail you to the wall. Staying where you once were is not growth.

Move on. What virtue is there in staying where you are?

Great ego believes in great sin. When you soak yourself in guilt, it is not just guilt you soak in — it is great guilt. Think a moment. Do you not think yourself wonderful to pick over every awful thing you wish you had not done or had done otherwise? Aren't you more wonderful than someone else who puts grief behind him? Aren't you more virtuous to look at mistakes from every angle and punish yourself for them? You are not like the others who get off more easily.

What is the virtue in making life hard?

As the story goes, when Christ spoke to Mary Magdalene, he did not tell her to go over every past error she had made or to count them with rosary beads. He told her to go, and sin no more. He was saying, The past is behind you. There is no advantage in dwelling over it. You are a different person today because you see differently than you did yesterday. Give yourself credit for where you are rather than blame for where you thought you were. There is no staying still in life. Life is to be moved on in.

You do not go forward by going backward.

Leave your past behind you. It is not a place for you to dwell on.

It takes no special occasion for you to be new-born. You are new-born every day. Yesterday you placed your feet in a certain way, and today you place them another way. You do not spend today tracing everywhere you went yesterday.

You can repeat the past in your mind very well, but why? Is there another reason but to plague yourself?

Consider it virtue to move on in life. Let the past fall off. Stop carrying it with you.

It is great ego that carries conceptions of the past. Do not sentence yourself to the past. It was the present once. Make a new present.

Often I am blamed for your suffering. Blame no one. Let your suffering go.

When you gain an insight, you gain it. You may say, "Now I get it. Now I understand. Now I see." But you don't keep saying that when the insight is no longer new.

You do not get medals for steeping yourself in guilt. Give yourself a medal for stepping out of it.

How are you of most use to Me? As a bedraggled sinner or as a fresh soul?

Absolve yourself from what you call sin right now. If the past never was, sin wasn't either.

You learn in life, but once you have gone beyond the alphabet, you don't have to keep repeating it. Once it was new for you to count to 100, but now that is not new. You don't stay the same with numbers and you don't hold onto the past of any kind. Wave it behind you.

Now you acknowledge Truth. Attend to Truth and not the past.

Be a lovely expression of Me today and not what you once were or thought you were. Unlabel yourself. Step out into the universe. Today, start anew. Let go, let go.