God said:

Peace is not something you find. It is something you carry with you. It is a by-product of love. Peace is the sweet scent that a rose gives off.

Be a peace-giver. Wherever you walk, give peace.

Wherever you leave, leave peace in your wake. Carry an aura of peace.

Peace is not boring.

Do not say: "Peace be with you." Say: "Peace is with you."

Peace is a time between. It is between times. Peace is a cushion between the buttoned-down points — or do the buttons hold the cushion together or does the rise of the cushion keep the points in place? Consider that peace and activity go together.

Peace extends. Like love, there is no end to it. No matter what is going on, peace is an underlay.

You can feel peace at any moment you choose to.

Call peace to you, and it will come. Peace is a faithful dog that comes when you call it.

You can train peace to stay by your side.

Let it be your carriage that anoints the world with peace.

Press peace upon the world.

Give peace with a handshake, with a glance from your eyes, with your stride. Be a peace-leaver.

Stand aside for peace.

Becalm yourself.

Settle the dust underfoot.

Be still on a mountain top.

A mountain is always still. Even a mountain that is a volcano stands still and keeps its cool amidst the fire around it.

Be a courier of peace.

Quiet attention is another name for peace.

Peace is not boisterous, but it is all-encompassing.

All can be peaceful. You can be peaceful.

Peace is high even energy.

Peace I give you so peace may reign on earth.

Do not ask so much — what is the meaning of this, and what is the meaning of that? The more apt questions to ask are about yourself: "Who am I? Why am I?"

You are the undeniable wholeness. You are the green pastures. You are the tranquil waters. You are the flow of life, and you are the heralder of it.

In silence you stand. In silence you walk. Walk a gentle path. By your footsteps shall you be known.

Be a kindly walker on Earth.

Bestow kindness.

Be bigger than the moments in your life. Be bigger than your surroundings. Be bigger than your past.

See further. See yourself outlined three ways. The outlines are earmarks of you. Stretch yourself further. You are made of three bodinesses. The outline you see and two you do not. Aspects of you slept, and now they awake.

You are your own new horizon.

Catch My breath.

Breathe My love. Breathe My love that breathes through you.

Expand your lungs in love. The lungs are the bellows of My heart.

You are My thought I proffered to Myself. I pull you in. Abide with Me. Keep Me company. Assuage My yearning for you. Exemplify Me to Myself.

Let your earnest heart reach Mine. Enter My heart. It is your existence.

Peace goes from one heart to another. Like love, peace addresses the heart. Stir peace in your heart. And bless the world with your heart of peace.