The Lightness of Being

God said:

Be not a warmonger. Be a peace-craver. That which you want you bring closer.

Know your significance in the scheme of things. You are an important pulse of love. You may be the pivotal point. Upon your heart may rest peace or the non-peace of war.

It is not your vote We are talking about. It is your being.

You reverberate your being. Your being reaches the nethermost parts of the universe. Your being even reaches the stars. You are a reminder to the stars, and stars are a remembrance of you. Star light, star bright is your being. It is yourself you wish upon.

Make your wishes big enough, for whatever you desire will come to pass.

Even if you are 1 in 99, what you desire will come to pass. And if you are the majority, what you desire will also come to pass. All is, and all has been, but you are funneling the future of existence of the Human world.

Yes, you are like a funnel. Love funnels through you. But now you become a bigger funnel, more like a golden flute where the breath blows greatness through itself and greater greatness flows out. The breath of God that enters is not funneled but expanded. The breath in and the breath out become the same, and you will know you are smack in the middle of God's universe.

You are the center of existence.

You are the yoke upon which the world balances.

This is not heavy responsibility.

This is light. Your being is lightness and light itself. Let your being out into the world with your thought. Let your thought be a blessing to the world. Let your thought be My blessing. Let yourself be a blessing to yourself.

You have no decisions to make except to keep your own heart intact. Give it to Me for safekeeping. My heart rests in yours, and yours rests in Mine. Our hearts overlap. They blend. That is Our Oneness.

Come close to love, for love is the heart of you.

Nothing else is.

Sometimes your mind has wandered off. Bring your wayward mind closer to your heart. Your heart knows better than your mind. Only your mind totals figures and tries to even out. Your heart knows there is no score to even. Your heart knows the truth of existence, and this truth you must lend to your mind.

Be innocent. Be an innocent portrayer of My love. Innocence is not clever. It is not retaliative. Innocence is a clean slate. Innocence is this minute in your heart.

Cleverness is a plan of some kind. The mind tries to outsmart. But what does it try to outsmart but ignorance? Don't play a game with ignorance. Ignorance is not innocent. Innocent is being. Ignorance is looking away from truth. Innocence doesn't look away. All it sees is truth.

You may call a fact truth, but facts are not truth. The truth is you are One, not two. You can add, subtract, divide and multiply all over the place, but you do not change truth. You do not outsmart the Oneness of existence.

Thriving is Oneness blooming. Oneness.

You are part of a Whole. You are not separate from it. No one is. That is how you are all brothers. That whom you see as enemy is a portion of yourself. You are not superior to yourself. Do not mock yourself or sneer at unloving portions of yourself. Rise above them, and they will leave.

Do not declare war. Declare peace. Proclaim it. Peace comes from within your heart, and not from the outside. Peace is reasonable. War is not, no matter how many reasons you may have for it.

Whatever peace is in your heart is yours. Whatever war is inside your heart, you put it there. You incorporated it from the outside. You can dismiss it as well. Dismiss war from your consciousness. Dismiss it along with fear. Evacuate fear. It does not belong to you. It is not a part of you. It is a wisp of smoke you imprinted on your heart. Scrape it off. Be done with it.

Come back to your solar heart. Come back to your stellar heart. Come back to innocence. Star light, star bright is the truth of you.