What Role Do You Want to Play?

God said:

Life in the world is no joke, and yet it is time for you to have some laughs. Life cannot be so serious as you take it. Even if it were, you have to take life more lightly. When you are so serious about life, when it is so utterly important, you put restraints on life and yourself. You order yourself around. You make demands of life that it's really better for you to let go of.

Love and Peace Are Oneness

God said:

Aspire to personal and world peace in your lifespan on Earth. When you are in the midst of the flow of love, you will have enlivened peace. You will have fullness of peace. Put off nothing until later. Where did you get the idea that peace is something to wait for? Invite it to you now.

In the Midst of Chaos

God said:

Peace is already yours. In the midst of chaos, peace is still yours. It belongs to you.

If there were no need for argument, peace would reign in its full splendor. Argument drowns out the silence of peace.

Why is there need for argument? There is even argument made in My Name! I have no sides. There are no sides of Me to take. There are no two ways about Me.

Beloved of God

God said:

There is no opposite to peace, as there is no opposite to love. No competition exists, and yet peace and love have not always been your living experience.

Peace means certainty. It means you know that everything is taken care of. In truth, there is not a toothpick in the universe that is not accounted for.

You are My beloved. Beloved of God, what is there for you to be uncertain about? But sometimes you choose uncertainty over peace. You think being stirred to distraction is life at its fullest. You have perhaps forgotten that peace is life at its fullest.

The Field of Peace

God said:

Peace outweighs disturbance, but you have let disturbance outweigh peace. If peace is a field, how can a poppy or grass that grows disturb it? They just are there, whereas the field underlies all. Your mind has wandered from the field of peace. It has latched onto every breeze that blows. You have let any gale jostle your sense of peace. Peace is your natural inheritance; disturbance isn't. Perhaps you have mistakenly thought that you are on Earth to be overwhelmed by what transpires.


God said:

Peace is not something you find. It is something you carry with you. It is a by-product of love. Peace is the sweet scent that a rose gives off.

Be a peace-giver. Wherever you walk, give peace.

Wherever you leave, leave peace in your wake. Carry an aura of peace.

Peace is not boring.

Do not say: "Peace be with you." Say: "Peace is with you."

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