Peace Is Your Natural State

God said:

From the movement of peace you arose, and the peace whirled and became a world. Now sometimes the world is like a whirlwind, and yet, still, nevertheless, it is made of peace. Peace is the beingness of life. Peace doesn't stir. It allows. It settles like mist.

I gave peace unto you. I gave you that stillness into which turmoil cannot enter, for turmoil is based upon peace. Peace is not based upon war or the absence of it. Without peace, turmoil could not exist. Turmoil can surely never consume peace nor outdistance it.

No war destroys peace. Peace destroys war. No war outlives peace. Peace outlives war. War is an aberration. It is only a pastime. It is a display. It is fireworks. Peace is a foregone conclusion. War is not.

War contends. It would like to duel with peace, but peace will have none of it. The mighty warrior, War, dances around peace, but it doesn't get to it. It is flashy and calls attention to itself, this show-off war. It makes loud noise. It would hide peace if it could.

Peace is an invisible shield. Nothing can attack it. Peace is what you see and feel when the masquerade of fighting stops, but it never went away. War can only be tacked on to peace. War has peace as its background.

Peace is not something you get. You don't gain peace. You have it already. It is inculcated deep within you. War is fanfare. It is not mighty. War is always weak. It marshals arms to pretend its weakness away.

The arms of peace are love, quiet permeating love. The arms of peace cannot be bought nor sold, nor can they be worn down or destroyed. War is material. Peace is natural. Peace is the field upon which war is played.

Pitiable is war. It is filled with illusion of grandness. Hail the hero War, this feeble bursting of ego.

War desires enemies. It has no friends.

What does war think it wins? Who wins what? Wherein lies glory in war? I have not seen it. What victory is there in imposing upon another? You can be a hero without war. No war is holy. Only peace is.

When a war ends, there is great celebration. Celebrate peace before war, and there will be no war. Raise a flag to peace. Hold it high.

Make not My children punching bags.

War destroys itself. It explodes itself. It wears itself out.

Peace comes before war. And peace comes after war. And peace is present during war. War is the illusion. Peace isn't.

But havoc is very real to My children.

Do not play havoc with creation.

Do not hinder even one of My children.

I have said, "Peace be with you." I never said, "War be with you."

War is unkempt.

Who would declare war when there are so many other things to declare?