The Mirage

God said:

Beyond words am I. Beyond horizons am I. Beyond beyond am I. And yet I am everywhere. In every particle of existence, I am. It cannot be otherwise. I AM means existence. Because I am, you are.

It is like I planted fruit trees. What a joy! And I watch My trees grow and bear fruit. You might say I am patient, but it takes no patience for Me to await for your recognition of Me; I await with certainty. Beyond trust am I. I have no need of trust because I know Truth, and I know you. I do not pace. I do not rush. Naturally, I do not rush, for what is there for Me to rush to?

I cannot rush to your side, for I am already at your side. There is nowhere for Me to go. And so I stay. I stay where I am. And that is everywhere.

Of course, there is no place because space does not exist. It is a mirage you live in. Of course, unless oases existed, how could there be mirages of them?

The oasis is Heaven, and it exists. Call it height or depth, Heaven is, and it is your domain, a placeless place right where you are. I squeeze your heart right now so that you may know what I say is true.

I am everywhere, but there is no where. I would not want to be anywhere but in Heaven, so that is where I am and where you are. The physicalness you call reality is a travel brochure you flip through. When you look at a folder about Brazil, you think you are in Brazil. Even when your feet are planted in Brazil, you think you can prove you are there or wherever you think you are. You even look at a map to find out where you are.

It may be you trust in maps more than in Me. Of course, you can fold up a map and keep it in your glove compartment and take it out to look at whenever you like.

As for Me, you cannot take Me out, and you cannot put Me away, for I am all there is, and there is nothing you can do about it. All you can do is to come to know Me and that means knowing My love for you. My love is torrential. It is not scant. And it is not particular. My love pours from Heaven onto Heaven. It pours wherever you think you stand, and it falls on you no matter what you think you are.

Point your finger to your heart, and you will know where I am, and you will find Me. You will find that you have known Me all along. I am no surprise. I am delight, but no surprise.

Oftentimes you think you are trying to understand the spiritual aspects of life, but it is really the physical that you try to understand. The physical is what is unbelievable. The physical, which is of the senses, makes no sense, does it? It is the physical that you are a stranger to. As with many things, you have switched things around in your moiling mind.

It is the spirit that you are comfortable with. Discomfort does not exist spiritually. Discomfort and all the why's it attracts are the mystery. My love for you is the Known. Only the physical has mountains and mesas. There is no halfway up in Heaven. Heaven has no proportions. Infinity cannot be measured.

Nor can you be measured. You are immeasurable. You have been mistaken about yourself and who you are, and you have mistaken the physical for real and have thought that near and far exist. They do not exist. They never did.

But for convenience, even though there is neither, We talk about the mirage of near and far so that you may know I draw you ever closer until you know that you are fully unified with Me, but, of course, there is no until.