A Tide That Pulls You

God said:

Sometimes you feel you are drifting in life, and so you may well be. But also know that there is a tide that pulls you, and pulls you to shore. You are never directionless. Even when you float, you are getting somewhere.

The less attached you are, the more floating you may be aware of. All your attachments are like oars you row with, and often against the Grand Tide. When you let go of the oars, you are buoyed by the waters, and effortlessly taken to shore. Have you not thought that you have to row and row hard in order to reach — what? Some far-off place?

But all you have to do is set the course in your mind and let go of control. You do not have to follow a map. You do not have to steer the wheel. You do not, in fact, have to know what your destination is. It is enough to know that it is good and you want to get there.

The rest of the story is your journey through the waters. You engage yourself in an adventure in which you star and play well. Perhaps your progress is your destination. Perhaps your setting out is enough. Perhaps your walk through life is your destination. Perhaps the path you are on answers the call of your heart. Perhaps it is not a something somewhere at all that you seek to reach. Perhaps the act of reaching, your arms extended, your eyes up-cast, perhaps that is your destination. Perhaps this very moment is your destination, and you have reached it, only wanting to reach out for more of it.

In the past I have told you to paddle your oars. Now I tell you to let go of them. The lodestar in Heaven is a magnet, and it will pull you better and faster than little sticks in your hand. It is not physical effort that gets you where you are going. It is not effort at all. It is skipping past effort. Exerting effort is old-fashioned. Leap for joy instead.

You are in the lead boat. You set the course. You set the pace. Many follow in your wake. Everyone has someone coming after him. Someone models himself after you. Someone follows you. Someone tries to catch up with you. Someone emulates you. Everyone loves the possibility that you are a hero and that they can be too. And so you lift hearts.

Desire is your rudder. Desire that which you want. That is the same as setting your compass. You will come out in the right place. Even when you don't know what the right place is, you will reach it.

You make motions in life. You are a maker of gestures. You whiz here and you whiz there. But it is not your whizzing that moves you. Your destination moves you. Your desire moves you.

Meanwhile, in daily life, you pack and unpack your suitcases. You fret over what to take with you and how to manage this and that, but all you have to do is to desire and let go rather than hold on. Your tickets have already been bought. Everything arrives for you. Someone will help you carry your suitcases. You don't have to do much. Just follow Me. Tag along. I will point the way. I am pointing the way right now. I am taking you by the hand and walking with you. Tenderly, We clasp hands. You have desired this.