Paddle a Canoe Back to the Ocean of Your Self

God said:

You are becoming more consciously connected with Me all the time on all levels. Listen to what I said. On all levels. Be happy. Know the good that has come, and know there is more to come, for love is from Me to you. We are reciprocal. There is not one life without the other's. There is no love without the other's, and love is rampant, yes. Whose love is it anyway? Whose love flows in all directions. It is Mine, I tell you. And you pick it up, and you think it is yours. It is always Mine, dear ones. All of it is Mine.

But I do not use the word "Mine" in the sense that you do. My "Mine" is not exclusive. When I say "Mine", I mean "All". The world is immersed in My love. There is no other. The only love that exists is Mine. The world is filled to overflowing with My love. And so it becomes yours.

Consider My love a boat that you ride on. Hop in. This is a love boat all right. Nothing but love. There is no man overboard, for this ship includes the whole universe. There is nowhere to go and nowhere to be but on this ship of love. No one can be out of it. There is no little boat behind it being tugged. There are no other ships on the horizon but this one, the one made of My love.

You wonder then how the voyage can seem rocky, and why your throat tightens when the waves lift you high and the waves drop you low.

This is a steamer of My love you ride in. The steamer of love rides on an ocean of love. In truth, the ship is as much the ocean as the ocean. What difference can there be. Love is love or it is not, and there is nothing that is not.

No matter where on the ship you stand or recline, no matter the name of the sea you sail on, you are steeped in My love and you have all of it and you are all of it.

When you think contrarily, you buy into some froth of the ocean that imagines it has separated itself. Even the froth of the ocean always returns to its base. It resubmerges and remembers its wholeness. There is no evaporation of this ocean. It is always recycled. A glass of water is as much the sea as the sea itself.

There has been a tendency for My children to think they are out of the ocean and far away from it. But they are the ship, and they are the ocean. They are it and they contain the ocean within. Even one cell contains the whole underlying DNA, and DNA communicates powerful love.

Do you begin to see how there are no parts to My Creation? My Creation is seamless. It has no counterparts. There is no disagreement for what is there to disagree about when there is Oneness, and Oneness is supreme, and, therefore, you are supreme Oneness.

You have grabbled hold of insecurity and held onto it compulsively, as if insecurity were a life jacket, as if fear sustains you, as if fear motivates you, as if fear is your trainer, as if you can graduate from it. Fear does not take you higher, and there is no graduation, but you can just let go of it. You have convinced yourself that fear makes sense when it makes no sense at all.

Abandon fear. Paddle a canoe back to the ocean of your Self.

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Hello Friends,

God said My One Love
No one can be out of it
There is no other

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