Discover Your Wings

God said:

Beloved child of Mine, I sit across from you and I look into your eyes with great love. Do not look away from the light in My eyes. It is meant for you. Therefore it is yours. You are a match I lit a long time ago. What I light does not blow out. The light I placed in you cannot diminish. Only your eyesight fails. But no surgery is needed. All you need do is look into My eyes the way I look into yours.

When you cast your eyes down, I peer beneath them. When you close your eyes, I see through your lids and enter through them.

When you won't see, I see for you. I look out through your eyes as well as in.

I am on the lookout for you.

You could say I survey you, but I do not measure. We could better say that I convey you. I try to get you across to yourself. You are lit within. All that is needed is your awareness of that. And it is such a little thing to be aware of bright light.

It takes no great talent. It takes nothing but your willingness to take My words to heart. Your willingness is the first tendering of your love. Your willingness is like a dandelion that, as a child, you plucked for your mother. Your willingness is in your fist, and now you release it and you give it to Me. I accept.

I accept your willingness willingly, for your willingness is My will. It is your first step in following it.

This willingness of yours makes all the difference in the world, and it will make all the difference to the world.

This is a giant step only in that it is your first. It is the beginning or, rather, it is the continuation of something We began ever since I conceived you in that exquisite moment of Creation. When I arose to Myself, you arose also. At that so-called time, you arose from the ocean. You strode from it onto land. You shook yourself dry. As you walked on the sand, you forgot that you from the ocean come.

You thought you began on dry land. But you began with Me at the first breath I took. We are in synchrony. I hold you to My heart like a newborn.

You can only think you are on a threshold because you passed its imaginary borders eons ago. For you see, there are no borders to My heart. There is no end to its beat nor is there a limit to it.

Gradually you discover that Our hearts are the same. My heart beats in yours. I set the tempo of your heart. The drum I beat is My Will which you accept gladly.

My Will is not at all as you have thought of it. You have thought of it as something outside you, something often opposed to you, something arbitrary, something that you cannot grasp and cannot tolerate. You have forgotten that My Will is the very essence of you.

With My Will, you stand. With My Will, your back is straight and your shoulders back. With My Will, you are a soldier of love and you go to the front lines and invite others to My side. Do you hear My music?

My music is so silent. You have often walked past Me without knowing. Of course, it is only in your awareness that you can walk past Me. Otherwise, you would know that you keep up with Me. Of course, I slow My steps when it is advisable to do so.

Now hasten your steps to Me. Get off the ground and fly to Me.

Discover your wings, and take flight to Me.