Imagine This

God said:

There is simply no leaving Me. Sense of separation from Me is a mere fantasy, a thought in passing. When I am your Self, and you exist and exist for all time, what folly is this that We can be separate?

You can only back away from Me in your imagination. Your imagination is quite good for imagining what is not beneficial. You imagine fears better than blessings. You can work every detail of imagined danger into a frenzy whereas you can't quite picture the blessings rushing to you. Fear looms large, and love is obscured, dim, faint in the distance.

You picture the cloaks of danger very well, but the robes of reward don't quite take form for you.

Will you reverse this? Will you imagine in every exquisite detail all the good that is on its way, perhaps just around the corner. When you begin to get fanciful about fears, will you change the subject? Will you take the pencil of your imagination and draw a picture of wonderfulness? Will you take your palette of colors and your paintbrushes and make a huge mural that will envelop your whole mind with joy after joy? Will you devote your fervor to that which you desire and which is yours to have rather than to horrors or pesky concerns?

Will you predict good over doom?

Turn on the light of your imagination. Enough of darkness. Turn on the light so that you may see. Why not choose that option?

See the clearing in the forest. It is there.

You have the ability to foresee whatever you want. See it ahead of time. Lure goodness to you rather than bedraggled overrated fears. Carry goodness. Stop dragging fears. Goodness is light. Fears are heavy.

Believe it or not, there is more goodness in the world than fear. There is more goodness than trouble. Something is whatever you name it. Use your vocabulary. Revise your definitions. Extend them.

You can imagine anything you want to. Have you been imagining what you want or have you been imagining what you fear?

Do not think you know all this. Knowing in theory does not create the fulfillment of your desires.

You may not have control over everything in life, but you have input. You have some say. Say what you want and not what you fear. Keep what you want and let go of what you don't. Invite what you seek and leave what you would leave.

Imagine Me. Imagine Me in your life. Imagine Me as with you every moment without exception. Imagine that you are never alone, not even in the deepest forest, not even in the driest desert, not even at work, not even at home. Imagine Me as your benevolent God who tags along with you everywhere, picking up things before you and after you. Imagine Me as your closest companion. Imagine all this and you will begin to approach the truth of life. And then keep on imagining.

You will come to find out that you are not imagining at all. You will find out that you are seeing what is right there before you. You will be imagining what is and ever was and can never be otherwise. Imagine that.

Imagine My embrace. Imagine how I whisper into your ear and coax you forward. Imagine how I carry you over the abyss. Imagine how My hand feels on your shoulder. Imagine yourself turning around and catching a glimpse of Me. Imagine My joy. Imagine how happy I am with you. Can you not be happy with Me?