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Organizing meeting with publisher for Heavenbook

dearest Gloria,

how are you angel ? how are things going with the move and all the rest ? I hope you are fine dear.

I was planning for october (september is already "crowded") a personal meeting with a pubblisher. This will go through with a friend of mine who himself has published with
this publisher a book, so they know each other well.

Discussion will be for a total of three books to be published, but I think rank 1 is for Heavenletters, that's my aim. I have the files Paula did send me with which she presented Heavenletters to italian publishers and will put this material together to make a presentation. I think that to have a copy of an english book will be good although. I mean to have a paper copy, a real book to look at and to handle, even if not in italian, could be good for the publisher to get ideas clear, it's more pratical.

If it's not a problem with the move and all the things you have to do, I'd ask you to send me a
copy of a Heavebook in english, I will keep as a sample in case this publisher doesn't accept
our offer. Let me know about paying with paypal, don't know how much sending costs from U.S.

Just let me know what you think of this.

A big hug to you dear and divine love and blessings !


Can you begin to imagine

Can you begin to imagine what I think of this and how happy this makes me, Berit. I hear the angels in Heaven ringing bells and God smiling!

By this thought and action, you will be stirring the universe. Paula and Engin have beautifully done this too. We don't know where any act of ours leads or the totality of its accomplishment. We do know that this is very very good.

A Heaven book and CD will go into the mail tomorrow (Monday). The post office usually says that something sent overseas takes 7-10 days.

God bless Paula for having translated the book into Italian from the goodness of her heart and God bless you for meeting with a publisher. Bravo, Berit.

With love,


P.S.How do you say Heavenletters, Love Letters from God, Book One, in Italian?

Gloria dear, many many

Gloria dear, many many thanks for sending so soon, it's wonderful ! If it arrives by time I will take the book and CD for viewing also to the 22 and 23 september, to the congress of health, further to prints of Heavenletters in english and many more in italian !

Many many thanks indeed to Paula and Engine and all who are working for this ! It's really like seeding and we never know when a flower may be seen, although there are already many beautiful flowers in the Heavengarden.

Heavenletters = Lettere dal Cielo (heaven=cielo, letters=lettere)

Love Letters from = Lettere d'Amore da Dio (Love=amore)

Book One = Volume 1


Dear Berit and Paula, Canim

Dear Berit and Paula, Canim Gloria,

I wish you all the best for your meeting with the publisher. I should confess that I had already given in, but your encouraging postings gave me energy and hope again.

(I had several meetings with a couple of publishers, they all adored the book :Rolleyes: but somehow the book could not be published - yet ) On the other hand all those meeting were all very nice, I had met with several people and I was able to chat with the most famous spirituel writer and publisher in my country, besides she liked me very much and at the end of the meeting (even) we huged each other - oh goshhhh.... :Rolleyes:

So I will go on to search for the publisher...Good luck to all of us.... :thumbup:



Dearest Engin, what a

Dearest Engin,

what a beautiful experience you've made !!! I would love to have such an opportunity, I mean to speak directly to a spiritual writer, it must be so very enlighting and uplifting !!
Don't give up hope, NEVER, just try, make a break if you need and try again and again ! Do you know what I'd like them (the publishers) to understand ? That they would be the first to have believed in Heavenletters, here in Italy it would be the first publisher, and who believes in Heavenletters and would be willing to print and sale the book, would actively change the world to the positive. When Heavenletters will be read from all over the world, they could say they knew and recognized and believed from the "very begining".

So, let's go on seeding our splendid Heavengarden ! You have so much love and energy and joy to live dear Engin, you can do everything you want and you can reach all the results you want to reach ! God did give you a perfect equippment !!

Love and blessings

It is so beautiful what you

It is so beautiful what you and Engin say. I do believe that decisions are really made on the basis of the heart value. For us, we're all heart, and we're right!

Yet I recognize that a publisher is a businessman. He has to look for a dollar return on his investment. He may deeply desire to do good for the world, but he has to generate money in order to continue his company.

I am inspired by your good hearts and determination. As Engin already pointed out, publishers recognized Engin's energy and consciousness, and they will yours, too, Berit.

With love and blessings,


Oh yes, we are all heart and

Oh yes, we are all heart and we are right !! how beautifully expressed dear !

Yes, they are business man, I hope they have also a heart, anyway I won't do anything, I will leave the talking to Him.


Dear Berit, you wrote such

Dear Berit, you wrote such beautiful things. Thank you very much for your encouraging words. Thank you.

And thank you CANIM GLORIA...

Yes, I think I will give a break because nowadays I can not find a publisher to apply:)

I had already applied to the known ones. I should find the contact addreses other little and less-known publishing houses. And guess what? Most of them do not have even a proper web-page:)

We will see ...



As I sat down to address

As I sat down to address your package, I discover I don't have your address! Please send right away!

Sorry sweet angel !! Here

Sorry sweet angel !! Here you are:

Berit Delaini
Via XV Martiri 2/27
I - 20090 Vimodrone (MI)

many many thanks again !