On the Wings of Love

God said:

Let your heart and your thoughts and actions be one. Do not divide your heart. Do not portray yourself one way, and inside feel another. What is the point of fooling yourself or another?

When you feel out of love, out of harmony, out of joy, you are of course misrepresenting your heart. Your heart beats for love and nothing else. Let love rise in truth, and all the false depart.

Sham of love is not love. Trying to love is not love. Pushing and pulling love is not love. Love is easy. Unless it is easy, it is not love. Love flows of its own accord. Do not disembody love, as if it is to be cut out of your heart. Your heart is the home of love. Welcome it.

A heart full of love is not heavy-hearted. Love is the lightest thing in the world. On the wings of love you fly. Why on earth would you ever want to keep anything in your heart but love? Anger, fear, annoyance, confusion, frustration are interlopers in the Human heart. They do not belong there. They stay only when you value them. Perhaps you have convinced yourself you need them. Consider evicting them and keeping love.

For what purpose would you keep anything but love in your heart? What good do anger, fear, and confusion do for you or anyone else? Do you think they are a necessary defense? Do you think your puffed-up anger defends you in some way from someone else's anger or fear? It merely levels you.

You do not have to combat another's discomfort. You have to rise above it. In order to rise above, you have to see from a higher place. Above all, you need a grander concept of yourself.

You can say what you think without fervor. You can honor where you are instead of demanding honor from another. In quietude, keep yourself intact. That is the opposite of flying off the handle. There is no handle in emotion gone wild.

I do not ask you to control yourself. Nor do I ask you to cave in. I ask you to free yourself. I ask you to free yourself from littleness. Before you can do that, you have to see anger for what it is. No matter how justified, how expected, how immediate, it is pique. It is no more than pique. Someone or something interrupted a lovely thought of yourself you wanted to hold on to about yourself, and so you pounce.

After the fact, you often see how paltry your anger was. If you can see that later, why not see it beforehand and save yourself the trouble? Recognize the source of anger, and you can respond without anger. The source of anger is that your picture of yourself was so fragile that something someone else said or did rattled it. You didn't know what else to do but become angry. Even when you have been falsely accused, beloveds, anger is not your friend.

Because another mistakes you, do you have to mistake yourself?

If you are already standing up for yourself, why must anger enter?

If you are already expressing yourself, what more is there to say?

The next time anger arises in you, see it for what it is. An interruption to your love. Let the anger go if you can. Assert yourself without anger. Assert yourself with at least love for yourself. And if you can spare a drop for the other, you may well dispel his anger as well.

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Can you spare a drop?

I meditated tonight more than usual before clicking on the Cosmic Heavenletter Generator. I opened my heart to God and trusted that He would send me the message I needed to hear.

I was a bit puzzled by the references to "anger". But it did make perfect sense when I started substituting the word "fear" for "anger", especially the last paragraph...

"The next time fear arises in you, see it for what it is. An interruption to your love. Let the fear go if you can. Assert yourself without fear. Assert yourself with at least love for yourself. And if you can spare a drop for the other, you may well dispel his fear as well."

Wow. Another Cosmic Miracle.

On the Wings of Love...

Beloved Angela, and has not

Beloved Angela, and has not God created you and everyone a miracle? What is not miracle?!!!!