O Come to the Spring to Drink!

God said:

Our relationship is just between Us. Our love is straight. Although nothing can really interrupt Our Unity, your attention can be interrupted. Not Mine.

No one on earth can define Our One-on-One relationship. No one can experience it for you. Words cannot define it. There are no words. Although many good hearts have spent more time thinking about it and are better at leaping words than you are, no one knows more about the love between Us than you. And no one can take it away, for the stream of Our Love flows no matter what or where. In disco or church, Our Love flows. In dungeon or on a plane, Our Love flows. Right now Our Love flows.

The truth is that you are flooded with My love. Even when you don't notice, you are flooded with My love. What you notice of Our Love and Our Love Itself are not dependent one upon the other. They never were. What a blessing! And Our Love is a blessing that blesses all. Our Love is dependent upon nothing, only it seems to be dependent upon you and your awareness.

No one on earth or in Heaven is immune to My love. No one anywhere in the world has more of it than you. No one has less. I am God, and My love for you is immutable. How could it be otherwise? I am All Love. I am not Love sometimes and something else other times. I am 100% Love. I am 1,000% Love. Love alone is, and I am One, and I am Love.

You cannot escape from My Love. But you can look away. You can look to someone else to give you My Love. Others can give you samples of My love. They can even pour My Love onto you, yet all love originates with Me. There is no other Love than Mine in all of Creation. I invite you to drink Love from the Source. Love passed on is wonderful and catching. But Love direct and fresh! O come to the Spring to drink!

Even if you are alone in the desert, you carry an Oasis of My Love within you. Drink. Do not worry about spilling it. Spill it all you want. There is evermore. This Love you cannot run out of. The Oasis is true. The Wellspring is true. Absence of Love is mirage.

But a mirage looks real. But if what is seen and does not exist can look real, cannot then what is not seen be real and exist?

Why not see Love? Why not spatter it? Why not open the dike of love that is holed up in your heart? Of course, I store My Love here deep in your heart. But, of course, My Love is not meant to be stored. Why keep it bottled when Love is self-fulfilling and can never be less? Only, hoarded love is in a dark place. Better to bring it out into the light of day.

There is always room for revealing more Love. No one has seen too much of it. No one has been spoiled with it. And everyone seeks My Love, even though they are already soaked with it.

Look, there is a rainbow in the sky. Unless you look up, you don't see it, and yet a rainbow is for all. When you see it, what you can do for another is to point to the rainbow, so everyone else may see it for himself.