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Ode to Love

Sacred Flame of Love Divine
Constant eternal love of mine
Deep within my Soul You lie
Always there in Love I sigh

Life on earth doth ebb and flow
Its rhythmic cycles come and go
But You Oh Omnipresent One
Do light my Soul like golden sun

Love's sweet song doth wax and wane
Echoing each new refrain
Melodies delight the Soul
The Cosmic Sound of One console

Rhapsodies of endless bliss
In sacred dance Thy Being kiss
Loving whispers on the breeze
Rippling waves upon the seas

Universal Love of mine
I honour Thy Name in Love Divine
Way above the earth I dance
Among the stars in cosmic trance

Joys of earth do come and go
Riches of Spirit increase and grow
On nectar sweet and sacred wine
I nourish my Soul on Love Divine

In gown of white and crown of gold
The Hand of Creation I do hold
The Breath of God doth give me wings
With love of God my Spirit sings

Ecstasy in timelessness
In etheric robes I dress
Floating in the mists of time
In sacred sound and cosmic rhyme

In honour of the Love of my life


Mary...your writing lifts me

Mary...your writing lifts me upon it's wings to the brings me back to the comfort of the Soul, as I know, there has been no's as if the we sit with it...listening to it's angelic sound...being reminded...we're just as much a part of the deep than wherever is our here with our feet upon the ground...or like unto the sky...that engages us to dance with the birds in flight, or observe the clouds pass by, then to remain until the stars doth wordless appreciation...of You and Your Life...mike:)

Beloved Mike Your wondrous

Beloved Mike

Your wondrous comment is a symphonic poem within itself
That resounds in Oneness deep within my Soul

In Love and gratitude from my heart to yours




Such Joy and Love in your

Such Joy and Love in your 'cosmic rhyme' Mary!
I too feel like dancing and singing and and rejoice in Creation and Love Divine!


Oh wow ~ isn't this Heavenly

Oh wow ~ isn't this Heavenly place just amazing!
I love it here!
So many beautiful Souls...
...who actually are singing and dancing in joy in the ethers!!!


Lots of Love and hugs to everyONE