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The Treasure Chest at the End of the Rainbow

Hi dear all !

It's amazing ! I could write down an entire letter from God ! Me ! I can't believe it though it's there, right before my eyes...

More accurately, I typed it on my computer. First I doubted I could write more than one or two sentences. I was about to give up when it started to flow all by itself.

As you know I'm French, so the original text is written in French, but I think I should manage to translate it into English. However, it's far easier for me to translate from English to French than it is from French to English. So forgive me if my English translation isn't exactly worth the original in French. I'll do my best and, by editing this post, I'll possibly improve my translation according to suggestions I receive.

Here we go with what... God said :

Le Trésor au Pied de l'Arc-en-ciel

Il n'y a pas d'êtres si purs que vous. Pas d'êtres si magnifiques, déguisés comme vous l'êtes en petits êtres humains, sur la petite planète Terre. Je vous reconnais à peine, Moi qui vous ai fait. Et pourtant vous rayonnez d'un tel amour que les rayons qui jaillissent de votre cœur sont, depuis ma perspective céleste, comme des étoiles flamboyantes dans la nuit la plus sombre.

Bien-aimés, chers enfants si chers à mon cœur, ne craignez pas. N'ayez pas peur. N'ayez plus jamais peur. La peur n'est qu'un masque de carnaval ou un masque effrayant d'Halloween derrière lequel se cache trop souvent votre cœur. Otez ce masque et montrez-vous tels que vous êtes. Cessez de jouer à vous faire peur et de faire peur à la vie.

Je sais qu'il vous faudra quelque temps pour entendre ces paroles, pourtant vous les avez déjà entendues. Vous les connaissez déjà. Vous savez déjà Qui et Ce Que Vous êtes. La peur étouffe votre amour bien-aimés. Elle ne vous sert pas. Oh je sais comme elle vous a déjà tant servi. En ce moment même elle étreint le cœur de celui qui écrit. « Ne fais-je pas une grosse bêtise ? » se demande-t-il. « Est-ce bien Dieu qui écrit ces mots à travers moi ? N'est-ce pas plutôt ce que je voudrais que Dieu soit ? »
Bien-aimés, quand la peur s'empare de vous et engendre ainsi le doute, rappelez-vous. Rappelez-vous de ceci : « Il n'y a rien de tout ce qui existe qui ne soit Moi. »

J'en vois parmi vous qui sursautent et s'écrient indignés « Même le mal ?! ».
Oui, bien-aimés, même le mal. Le mal est aussi un masque. C'est le rideau noir qui vous voile Mon amour infini. Il n'y a pas de mal bien-aimés. Seulement du mal perçu par le monde.
Vous voyez des atrocités, vous voyez de la douleur, de la tromperie. Toutes ces choses qui vous font horreur et qui engendrent la peur en vous. Et alors vous doutez de Moi.

Bien-aimés. Tout ceci est illusion. Cela n'a pas plus de réalité que le trésor au pied de l'arc en ciel. Vous êtes le trésor et vous êtes l'arc en ciel. Et vous êtes la fin de l'illusion bien-aimés. Je vous bénis.

English translation :

The Treasure Chest at the End of the Rainbow

There isn't any being as pure as you are. No more magnificent beings, in a human disguise as you are, on the little planet Earth. Hardly do I recognise you, Me who made you. And yet you are radiating such a love that the rays shining forth from your heart are, from My heavenly perspective, like glittery stars in the darkest night.

Beloveds, dear children so hold dear, don't fear. Don't be afraid. Do not ever be afraid anymore. Fear isn't more than a carnival mask or a frightening Halloween mask behind which your heart is too often hiding itself. Take off this mask and show yourself as you are. Stop playing the frightening yourself game and frightening life.

I know you'll need some time to hear these words, yet you already heard them. You already know them. You already know Who and What You are. Fear muffles your love, beloveds. It doesn't serve you. Oh I know how much it served you. Right now it is grasping the heart of the one writing down. « Am I not doing a big mistake ? », he wonders. « Is it really God writting these words through me ? Is it not rather what I would like God to be ? »
Beloveds, when fear is taking over you and generates doubt this way, remember. Remember this : « There's nothing in all that exists which isn't Me. »

I see some of you startle and exclaim, outraged, « Even the evil ?! ».
Yes, beloveds, even the evil. Evil is also a mask. It is the black curtain bluring My infinite love to you. There is no evil beloveds. Only some evil perceived by the world. You see atrocities, you see pain, deception. All these things horrifying you and generating fear in yourself. And so you doubt from Me.

Beloveds. This is all illusion. This is no more real than the treasure chest at the end of the rainbow. You are the treasure chest and you are the rainbow. And your are the end of the illusion beloveds. I bless you.

Wow, Cédric!! I wish I

Wow, Cédric!!
I wish I could just say, This is great. It is, of course. But right now it's predominantly frightening.
There is no question about the authenticity of these words.
And they are absolutely clear.
Thank you, Cédric!

Indeed. Nice comment

Indeed. Nice comment Jochen.

Thank you very much.

Cher Cedric, Congratulations

Cher Cedric,

Congratulations to you, dear one.

And how did you feel as this was coming to you? Will you share your experience with us? What led you to this and so on!

I think more and more people are going to spontaneously be Godwriting. I know another translator who wants to share what comes to her.

I do understand what Jochen meant. The concept of evil is quite a heavy one, and there is more to be said on the subject. Sorry, God, a few sentences don't tell the whole story! I wonder if You would bring up easier subjects for someone's first Godwriting!

Metaphorically speaking, there is indeed a treasure chest at the end of the rainbow! To my mind, in metaphors lies truth!

Heaven Admin has suggested that some day he will make a webpage where everyone can post their Godwriting.

It's interesting. In the past, it was hard to get people to share their Godwriting. Now, that is changing. Like me, Cedric, you feel impelled to share, I think.

I wonder if posting once a week would be agreeable? Let's see how it goes.

I want to select some of my favorite lines from what you received!

"There isn't any being as pure as you are. No more magnificent beings, in a human disguise as you are, on the little planet Earth."

"Beloveds, dear children, so hold dear, don't fear. Don't be afraid. Do not ever be afraid anymore. Fear isn't more than a carnival mask or a frightening Halloween mask behind which your heart is too often hiding itself. Take off this mask and show yourself as you are. Stop playing the frightening yourself game and frightening life."

"Right now it is grasping the heart of the one writing down. « Am I not doing a big mistake ? », he wonders. « Is it really God writting these words through me ? Is it not rather what I would like God to be ? » "

Don't you just love God! Isn't He the best!


Wonderful, full...filled...complete with wonder and answers to questions, putting at ease...i love the fact that nothing's off limits...for it's the limits that coincide with separation and fear...and none of it is real...but in the experience of living it is this then love...most definately keep it up...michael:)

CC Mountain...Thank you so

CC Mountain...Thank you so much for that! What was said was so meaningful...and filled with love! We are blessed to have you here. I will show the original to my wife, marie-Pascale who is from Brittany...and see how she translates it. Much Love, Jim(i)

Each Country of the world is like a sacred prayer bead...held lightly and lovingly...

Cher CC ~ how very

Cher CC ~ how very wonderful!

Well done, and thank you so much for sharing it with us all.

I also like the fact that "nothing's off limits" too!

It's very often things that we don't like to talk about, that we need to talk about!

Lots of Love to you and to all




Thank you very much dear

Thank you very much dear all.

It's quite late here in france and I should already be sleeping. However, before slipping into the realm of earthly dreams, I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your kind, inviting and loving replies.
I can feel great support here and this is marvelous.

Now, dear Gloria, to answer one of your questions : yes I will share my experience and much more... tomorrow, because I'm far too tired to proceed right now as I believe it's going to be quite long, but interesting I hope !

Warm and loving hugs to all,


Beautiful Cédric Santhan

Beautiful Cédric


Wonderful Godwriting -

Wonderful Godwriting - really wonderful !!! I thank you for sharing this most beautiful messages of God, God's love and infinte energy can be felt in an incredible beautiful way here !!

God bless you dearest Godwriter !!


Thank you dear Santhan and

Thank you dear Santhan and dear Berit. :)

So, to answer Gloria's questions, here is the whole story...

First of all, I think I must tell you about the main reason why I'm so interested in Heavenletters and why I decided to join this beautiful community, here on the forum, and to translate Heavenletters into French.

Like most of you, I think, I was deeply touched by the incredible love and wisdom coming out from these magnificents letters from God. From all the reasons explaining why I'm here this isn't the least, but there is another one, more important and more significant to me.

Indeed, the first Heavenletters I read very much related to something wonderful and very moving that happened to me ten years ago. I will post my tale of this incredible event in the part of the forum called "Your Personal Miracles" for it is a genuine miracle that happened to me (I'll put the link here later).

In summary, I received an incredible proof of the existence of Heaven, of the Christ, of our immortal soul and of God's infinite love. And the first Heavenletter I read was to me as if all this love had been put into words. I could deeply feel that the source was exactly the same, pure heavenly love.

So, as I was reading and translating more and more Heavenletters, remembering me of God's presence into my life and everybody's life, I felt like I could do it myself.
I felt there was something so natural, so simple and so loving in writing down this... that's funny I can't find my words here, but I think the expression "God's presence" would be the best way to transcript this feeling.

By the way, I'm also a music composer. Indeed, I've been making computer music, as a hobby, since 1996 and, in the same way Gloria wake up early in the morning and can't help writing down God's words, I sometime wake up with an entire piece of music in my head that I can't help notating in my music software. This can also happen in the middle of the day. Many people call this "inspiration" though I truly believe this is a kind of message from Heaven, or a glimpse of Heaven if you prefer.
This is important to mention, I think, cause this is nearly the same that happened to me last friday for my first Godwriting of my own.

Here is what happened. I was reading the part of this website called "Godwriting" where Gloria tells us about "the process of listening to the Voice within". Then I felt suddenly that I could do it myself. What Gloria was talking about seemed so familiar to me. Then I decided to give it a try.

First I took a sheet of paper and a pen, but I didn't feel comfortable this way. So I tried on my computer. I opened my word processor software (no, it's not MS Word I'm using) and litteraly connected myself to God's love. This is difficult to explain, for it is much based on a remembrance of the personnal miracle I mentioned before.
Then I tried to express the feeling into words, and here was the first sentence you could read : "There isn't any being as pure as you are."

The rest of the text came like this : first feeling then writing.... feeling.... writing.... feeling..... writing..... it was just like breathing. During all the process I felt almost as if in a dream state. On a moment, I felt like I was observing somebody else hands using the keyboard. It was quite weird, but I was not in a kind of trance and was fully present.

Then it was finished. I took a first reading of what I had written and it felt so strange. I felt almost empty. Then I decided to have a little rest for some minutes and, when I read back this text, all the love struck me right into the heart and tears came down naturally.

Dear Gloria, thank you so much for inviting us to do this. I don't know if I'll be able to make it once a week (I still wonder how you can do it once a day) but I'll do my best.

Don't you just love God! Isn't He the best!

You bet He is ! He rocks !

And I love God.

Much blessings,


Great Stuff, Cedric...from

Great Stuff, Cedric...from wordlessness come speech...i think it was in one of Emmanuel's books as channeled by Pat Rodegast where S/He said...(perhaps not verbatim but close)..."communication is really about a communion between the soul and the mind scurries around to put it all into words"...i'm sure it was said more eloquently but just that it/our relationship w God, our Self, each "other" is some"thing" deep, Deeper than words can explain...but for now they have their place and you're allowing them to come forth in just the perfect love...mike:)

"You are the treasure chest

"You are the treasure chest and you are the rainbow."

Indeed you are cher CC ~ a rainbow of Love that uplifts and illuminates!

Keep glowing!




Thank you dear Mary (what a

Thank you dear Mary (what a wonderful first name, I love it).

Your golden heart is d'une douceur exquise (exquisitely sweet, as we say in french).



Merci Monsieur! ...and I

Merci Monsieur! :)

...and I hope you don't mind me calling you 'CC' ~ it kinda feels right! :)

"You bet He is ! He rocks !"
Hmm ~ that's got a ring of Mike Dooley to it!?!




Hi Cedric...thanks again for

Hi Cedric...thanks again for your God post and explanation. Yes...I love God too. I love him as big as the universe! Well not that big yet... cause I am still learning. Love you, Jim(i) ps. Loving is easier than most people think: you just forget and release everything you know about yourself and everyone else and everything you think you know about the world and the universe...and what you have left is Love. Cause Love is all there truly is cause the rest is just pretend. Jimi

Each Country of the world is like a sacred prayer bead...held lightly and lovingly...

Cedric, when you get a

Cedric, when you get a chance, will you tell us what about Godwriting you read on the Godwriting blog or website seemed to help open you to the flow of Godwriting?

Yes Gloria. This part :

Yes Gloria.

This part :

... and this one :

... helped me a lot to understand.

Concerning Heavenletters which helped me to open myself to the process of Godwriting, I think these three are the best :

The Lock and the Key
Heavenletter # 2582 Published on: December 20, 2007

Christ's Love was God's
Heavenletter # 2586 Published on: December 24, 2007

Listening for God in One's Heart
Heavenletter # 2590 Published on: December 28, 2007

And of course the simple fact of translating more and more Heavenletters from English to French helped a lot.

Dear Mary, I don't mind at all that you call me CC.
And I don't know at all who is Mike Dooley. I found this wikipedia article about someone called Mike Dooley :

Is he the one you were referring to ?

Dear Jimi, your words about love sound great. Indeed, there is something about releasing to it. Thank you.

Much love to all,


Dear Cedric, Godwriter, Some

Dear Cedric, Godwriter,

Some of your experience will make a Godwriting blog soon. Also some of what you have expressed here will go up on the Godwriting Workshop page. Heaven Admin wants to make an online Godwriting workshop, and certainly your experience will be included there.

As for your most amazing beautiful experience ten years ago, those who would want to include it in their books/newsletters would request your specific permission before they would. There is no remuneration that I know of, so that takes care of that!

I know that it's a question of getting inspiration out there and has nothing to do with fame or anything like that. Obviously, with your experience, knowing something greater, you have gone way past caring about many of the worldly things.

Merci, cher Un!

Yes ~ he's the same one

Yes ~ he's the same one CC!

Love Mary


Ok. Thank you dear Mary. Now

Ok. Thank you dear Mary.
Now I think I see what you meant with "that's got a ring of Mike Dooley". :)

'tis my pleasure CC! Mike's

'tis my pleasure CC!

Mike's got quite a lot of humourous sayings, and "You rock" is one of them!
He sends out daily 'Notes from The Universe", which is his version of godwriting,
and whilst there is a lot of truth in them, there is also a lot of humour too!




Dear Mary, you're wonderful.

Dear Mary, you're wonderful. I fact you couldn't have found a better comparison.

I love humour, for it can be such a joyful expression of love.

Lot of hugs and blessings,


Oh yes CC ~ Joy is

Oh yes CC ~ Joy is wonderful
for Joy is The Essence of your Soul ~ your Soul is Pure Joy!!!



:) :) :)

PS Don't you just love it when you're on here and you get instant replies!!! :)

Yes of course ! And what I

Yes of course ! And what I love most is when I'm right on time to see them ! :big