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Breathe Freely, My Child


Breathe freely, My Child
All Children of Mine
Be aware of
In step with
Our breath
You need not
You cannot
Cling to any time
As if a leaf to a tree
Set it free
It already Is
As are You
Let it be
Let past deeds or future "needs"
Come to their death
You need not grieve
You'll see
You will not die
For any "real" death
Is really a lie
And yet
Here, in this temporary scene
The leaves do fall in the fall
Bringing upon the spring
So sing
Be with it all
By Being Your All
In doing this
You're listening, living
Attuned to My call
And Know
That no matter what, through it all
Whatever seems to throw
To be the "throe"
I'm cheering You on
Never am I gone
I'm holding Your hand
You're My Heart
We're never apart
In all ways
I Am
Your greatest fan

Copyright (c) Michael Mayer 2008

Dear Michael, I've been

Dear Michael,

I've been wondering for quite a while now since reading your writing, what awesome lyrics these (and many of your writings) would make in musical compositions.

The words are arranged in way that conveys a sense of powerful, yet quiet rebellion of Spirit saying, "Now is the time I will shine forth. I will be seen." I feel these would go very well in the hip hop/wrap and rock ways of musical expression.

Keep on shining!

One Love

thanks and well put re:quiet

thanks and well put re:quiet rebellion of Spirit...that makes me smile...and yeah, i love hip-hop (especially in the moving and grooving to the tunes) and some rap (as long as it has some depth, though expressing oneself for different rhymes and reasons has it's season too) and classic rock (i'm out of touch with the newer stuff as i don't listen much to the radio)...thanks for your kind words and Heart...michael:)

p.s. this Godwriting, though perhaps in a diff form...has given me a renewed since of purpose and is challenging me in a good open up, surrender, get out of the way, so to get in step with a realer, deeper, higher Way :) and though it's not done for the results but for the the end of the yr, it could be "out there" in print...we'll see....but the main thing is that I'm in here so to be able to fully express what I'm/We All are supposed to Hear...and live:)

Brilliant Mike! Isn't it

Brilliant Mike!

Isn't it wonderful, when we (as in our individuated lower selves),
finally realise that we are often standing in our own shadow,
and decide to move to one side, so that our Higher Selves can freely shine through!

...and you're doin' just great!

Love Mary


thanks so much Mary for your

thanks so much Mary for your insights and encouraging always, it's taken in, drunk of and love...mike:)

Beautiful dear Mike ! I like

Beautiful dear Mike !

I like this one very much. And do you know what ?

When I put it into music I don't hear rap at all, nor do I hear rock'n roll (though I like rock'n roll music, be it newest or old tunes).
No, what I hear is dance music with a wonderfull young woman voice. Too bad I can't share it at all with you in the moment. Sometimes I wish I would be a telepathic and could transmit directly from spirit to spirit what I have in mind.

Much blessings,


I hear a very delicate young

I hear a very delicate young woman's voice, like a silver bell, something like floating, colours coming and going and changing and nature, breathtaking beautiful views of Mother Nature and of our Earth and the Universe.

Love and blessings

I'm wowed by You All

I'm wowed by You All :big :Rolleyes: :blushing: 8) :p :) :thumbup: ...Blessed...Dearly...Sincerely...Like a Child at Christmas...what wonderful, Life-long presents are You All...Reminding...Sharing...of Presence...Heavensent...Cedric...if You ever wanted to incorporate anything of "mine" into music....feel any way you wish...aside from the idea these will be published at the end of the year...there's no ownership in place at all...since we're all One love...mike:)

Hi Cédric, I was looking at

Hi Cédric,

I was looking at the words again and yes, I can also feel this work as you described it. I love the musical style that comes from celtic music. Perhaps a the voice of young woman who sings in this style with some rhythmic percussion, some wind instruments and a violin...

Oceans of Love

"Sometimes I wish I would be

"Sometimes I wish I would be a telepathic and could transmit directly from spirit to spirit what I have in mind."

Oh but you already do CC ~ we all do!



Oh, how exciting! What I see

Oh, how exciting!

What I see happening here, is Creation in action! A connection of hearts and minds. A weaving of creativity. Beautiful!

Let the song reach to the Heavens............

Cheering you on......,

i love your spirit of love,

i love your spirit of love,'s like clean, fresh water one can drink of to be refreshed...thank you always...mike:)