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The Calm Of No Storm


Though You can't, in Truth
Get ahead of Your Self
Or somehow tarry behind
Don't get so ahead of yourselves
All consumed with what's passed by
Better yet, delve
Into Feeling
The Togetherness of Foreverness
"All Is Well"
Everything else
Is well
For lack of a better word
Heaven on the shelf
Replaced by a "self" within a time and place
Feeling itself, or an"other", as not yet there
Perhaps the wording here is strong
Yet is it not strong, the pain that is felt?
In Joy not yet embracing, feeling not Held?
Yet again
All is well
Not only this can I tell
This, I Do Tell
Of My, I Am
That It, that I, may be Felt
To Be
Our We
Now and evermore
Soothing You all
Your already All
Calming all swells

Copyright (c) Michael Mayer 2008