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An Inner Adventure


Like children of parents in this world
You are the Kids of My World
Loved, as Love
Love to adventure and play
And rightfully so
For so fully of Light
Are You
Unaware of pangs or plight
From Your expanded View
On High
That You delight
In the inner traveling
Within My Golden Hue
And notice, take note
That for sure
It's an Inner adventure
A Within thing
You pursuing, Your pursuits
Your "peace gone" or "some gloom that looms"
It all takes place
In the Heart Space
Of My Truth
This, in and of itself
Can and will bring you "back"
To Freedom's Fact
The Ease of Your Self

Copyright (c) Michael Mayer 2008 increasing does increasing does feel like an inner adventure. Thank you for this beautiful tapestry of words pointing to the indescribable: You are, I am, We are...Whatever....Gosh....must be Love! Jimi

Each Country of the world is like a sacred prayer bead...held lightly and lovingly...

:)'s to, Are You...Beautiful

:)'s to, Are You...Beautiful One...Jimi...mike:)

"Love to adventure and

"Love to adventure and play"

That's just me to a tee!


Great stuff Mike!

Keep at it!

Love Mary


So beautiful this inner

So beautiful this inner adventure sweet Mike ! Many times when I go to sleep I feel like small child who has been out all day playing and turns home to her Daddy to rest and find love and peace. So very beautiful this poem - THANK YOU !!!!!!

Love and blessings

That's a great, inspiring

That's a great, inspiring way to Be...Beloved Berit...not only reading or writing it, but Living it...hmmmm...what a novel idea ! 8) i think i shall give it a try :thumbup: and thanks Mary for always Being You cool... 8) as are all on this site...mike:)