Now You Are Wiser

God said:

Are you not desirous of hearing My thought? Are you not desirous over and over again? Is there anyone on Earth who gets enough of Me? Is there anyone who doesn't want to follow the trail all the way to My heart?

You are on the trail, beloveds. No matter how far away you may feel from Me, you are on the trail. In fact, I am right before you, beside you, all around you. I propel you along.

All the seeming wrong turns you have taken, you were right on target. I know this is hard to believe, for you see error, sometimes even dire error. Please consider that there is no error. Error does not exist. Nevertheless, regrets are rampant.

When you walk on a path and come to a pothole, you can step over it or go around it or even turn around and go a different way. However you do it, you do it. It makes no sense to regret the means you used to go around a pothole. In any case, now you are on the other side of the pothole. You made it. You got past it.

Now, perhaps, you think you could have swum across. Maybe yes, maybe no.

Once you made an error in arithmetic. You erased it, and put the asked-for number in, the number that is named correct. What an opportunity you had. You used the eraser on your pencil, and you got the answer right. How wonderful you are!

You are a child trying to get the answers right. Sooner or later you do. Why regret the steps it took to get it right this time? Beloved beloveds, erase error from your memory. You wouldn't know to regret if you didn't have a better answer now. Now you are wiser. Don't be sadder.

Once you couldn't see. Now you can see.

Some potholes you didn't see. You see now. Now stop looking behind you.

Once upon a time, you tripped over a pothole. Is that such a terrible thing that you tripped? Is it so terrible that thoughts of it should plague you? I suggest that you repent about having regrets, and so let go of regrets. Regrets do not belong to you. Perhaps they belong to ego.

How does a child learn to walk? He falls down, and he gets up, and soon he has it right. A young child knows better than to moan and groan about the times he fell. He can walk now. He knows the glory of walking. The child doesn't regret that once he was a child.

You are getting life right now. I am so proud of you, how you pick yourself up and keep walking. Now drop off the suitcases of yesteryear and no longer carry them with you. In fact, carry nothing with you. Free yourself from all occasions of the past. Whatever you have gained from the past, you have gained, but now the past itself is to be let go of. Get your claws off it.

If you walk backwards, beloveds, you miss out on what is in front of you.

Keep your eye on Me, beloveds. I am leading you. Follow Me. Stride with Me. Abide with Me. Do you see Me looking at you now? I beckon you. I catch your eye. That is enough. We walk through life together. What error can there be when you walk with Me?

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Walking backwards is a

Walking backwards is a fantastic metaphor. When I walk backwards, I may still feel I'm open for everything new. After all, aren't new things entering my field of vision all the time? Granted, they are entering from the periphery while my gaze is scanning what is behind me, but so what? I can then turn to their newness and try to integrate it with my past, the past I'm having "in front" of me all the time. Wow, this metaphor even says that I'm busy making everything my past as fast as possible – making it my past by trying to understand it.

And potholes, when I walk backwards, are woe befalling from seemingly nowhere, some awful error or even trap built into the farbric of reality, of... creation.

Goodness, I just realize this is bottomless: "Known" and "past" are the same, and wanting to know anything at all is wanting to make it – – a thing of the past!! A thing of the past is a sure thing. It's also a dead thing. Dear God, You are telling me what will be the Hallmark of the new time, the new life, the new world. NO NEED TO UNDERSTAND ANYTHING. The need to understand is strictly a consequence of walking backwards, nothing else.

So then (could You help a little?), let me try to turn around inwardly, turn toward what is in front and never seen before.

Turning around inwardly, what lies behind becomes invisible, the past is gone, and with it the need to make anything known and therefore past is gone. There is the unknown, the only truly known, in its dazzling splendor.

I'm tempted to distill this into a New Year's resolution...

Oh, beloved Jochen, what a

Oh, beloved Jochen, what a beautiful mind and heart you have.

Thank you

I just want to tell you how much I enjoy and appreciate your messages in the Heaven Letters. I have worked with the Masters and Teachers for many years and continue to do so in my own way. Your messages are always right on the money, concise and powerful beyond description. I look forward to them and love sharing them with others. Thanks again for your service to humanity and the integrity that is so fully apparent in your work. God Bless

Beloved Darryl, I think

Beloved Darryl, I think that, after God, you are the one to thank. We are so happy that you read Heavenletters and that you left a note here.

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Being on the Trail

At times we forget how heavy our back pack is and at times we see to wander but then He or Gloria lets us see "contact" our heart skips a beat, but gradually we get to enjoy the holy encounter of the close kind. We love it when our heart tells us who we really are. What a blast! Thanks sweet Glory
Thanks Sweet God for using her.


And you, beloved George. God

And you, beloved George. God sure uses you to give His blessings.

2 Heavenletter Haiku for

2 Heavenletter Haiku for you

Hello Friends,

God said Beloveds
No matter how you may feel
We are together

God said you see now
That however you do it
You are on My trail

Love, Light and Aloha!