A Dream Pie of God's

God said:

Why would you contradict what I say? Surely you don't think you know more than I do? I tell you that you are My beautiful child, and you say you're not. You may even say you are awful. You may call yourself names.

Beloved, what prompts you to put yourself down? I have just said that you are a child of Mine. You are a divine child of Mine. Why would you say, "No, God, I'm not divine." Why would you insist that you are not divine? Why would you deign to take away the validity of what I say?

It is not humble to undercut yourself. Be without ego, and you will not feel it is necessary to lower yourself. For Heaven's sakes, you are a child of God! You are My child, and I modeled you after Me. If you cannot accept your Divinity, then at least keep quiet about it. At the very least, you do not have to contradict Me. Of course, it is Truth that you contradict.

Try out the premise that you are indeed a divine child of Mine. Tell Me what it feels like to consider that you are divine. Yes, you are human with all the fallacies that human beings indulge in. So what? You are Divinity at the core, and it is time you took that into consideration. You are love, divine love, walking around in a human body. Erase the body aspect of you for a moment, and what is there but your Divinity, My Divinity, that is?

If you are a piece of pie, We can say that 99% of you is Divinity. That is a close guess. You are a great pie of Divinity with a thin crust. Stop looking at the crust so much. Underlying is the actuality of the pie that you are. I will call you a Dream Pie of Mine. I baked you, and I baked you just right.

Is the tortoise his shell? He carries his shell on his back, yet the shell is just something he carries around with him. The truth of the tortoise is not his shell. A tortoise is much more than his shell, no matter how beautiful or otherwise it may be.

When you wear ragged clothes, you are not the clothes you wear. Nor are you a beautiful ball gown when you wear it.

Now I tell you to feel good in whatever body you wear.

Good morning, beloveds. Your body gets itself out of bed. Although your body was sleeping, you were awake with Me. We partied together. We danced. We sang. We explored the shores of Heaven, and We mined for gold and caught the stars in Our hands. Before the sun rises over the crust of the Earth, you pull the covers up. You yawn and think you spent the whole night in bed.

You are like the twelve dancing princesses who seemingly went to bed, and then got up right away and danced all night with twelve handsome princes. In your case, you dance with Me, and your shoes do not wear out, and you are refreshed. Your body slept while you were drinking in all My love.

You might as well know that you visit with Me often, and I love Our visits, and I love you no matter what pajamas you wear. No matter what you think of yourself, you are the apple of My eye. Do you find fault with My vision? I think it's time you accept what I say at full value. You are Mine. You are the One I love. So be it.

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all ways

know in the now
i am a necessay particle of the ONE

unity in diversity

the fractal
that has all parts inside

Von fractalev

love/laugh light and JOY and FUN - Confidence/ Trust and TRUTH

time you accept

Beloved, what prompts you to put yourself down? I have just said that you are a child of Mine. You are a divine child of Mine. Why would you say, "No, God, I'm not divine." Why would you insist that you are not divine? Why would you deign to take away the validity of what I say?

Indeed, indeed, why? If God insists it's time you accept what I say at full value, full value, it seems likely I will not get away much longer with shrugging my shoulders or throwing up my hands. Why, why why. Aren't we taught not to ask why? Will knowing why be of any help?

Here's a because:

There is a habit of many of My children to recriminate themselves again and again, as if self-recrimination were some kind of vitamin you take or an insurance policy. You recriminate yourself and perhaps feel you are protected from you-know-not-what. Perhaps from some kind of accusation, as if you choose to make yourself feel bad before someone else might. Perhaps you cut yourself down so perhaps you appear modest rather than immodest, as if it were immodest to feel affection for yourself and be pain-free.

Has a state of misgiving become your badge? Do you send yourself the recurrent caution: "You could have done better today. You should have done better." Have you perhaps made a habit of feeling bad about yourself rather than feeling good? Are you perhaps so accustomed to feeling inadequate that self-recrimination has become a way of life?

Surely this is not your destiny to feel bad about yourself. Did someone once continually make you feel so bad that you have taken over their role and kept up the tradition of remorse single-handedly? Is "not-so-good-could-have-been-better" the banner you must wave in front of yourself?

Perhaps you think that is pleasing to someone. Or do you do it for your own misery?

Is that it? I recognize this as part of my story, but what do I really know when I know this? What can I do with it to become able to accept what God says at full value?

Today's Heavenletter suggests another "bacause" to me: To know my divinity, will I have to Erase this crust, to renounce this humaneness? God has often said no, but do I believe Him? I don't. And I myself have often thought I would like to be rid of this Humanness, but isn't that yet another self-deception? It is. Despite what God has said so many times, I seem to be afraid of divinity turning out to be.... drab and bland and boring. Take all the juiciness out of life, and you have divinity. Take away pain and lack and longing, and you have killed the aliveness of life, and what can you do with such an old rag but throw it away?

Perhaps there are more becauses that could be mentioned. Love for instance. Is the Divine really loving? I don't know. When I don't feel God's love (or don't know I feel it or don't know I do know I feel it...), how can I talk myself into believing it's there? And am I sure I really want it? Strangely, and chillingly, I hesitate. Some vague threat there. Is that ego? Of course it is. But what does that mean, and what do you do with that sort of information?

All the questions and self-suspicions seem to be leading up to a blank space of just white noise. They are not really helpful, not for me. Dear God, are You sure they should be asked, all these "whys"? Okay, the only way to get rid of them may be to ask them and find not a single lastingly convincing answer, but then what? What is this strange reluctance to simply follow You which was given the name ego as if that could explain anything.

I'm finding that the only way through or past or around this reluctance is in wiping the slate clean again and again and again. Really clean. Contrary to what I thought, there never was anything important on it anyway. Just doodles. How I long to be quiet enough to hear, to be new, to be innocent.

Beloved Jochen, the response

Beloved Jochen, the response I seem to hear is that God will take care of this for you! (I trust the rest of us as well!)

God's Dream Pie

a thin crust is my preferred
baked just right
I love it, not deferred
pumpkin tonight

Beloved Carlann, can your

Beloved Carlann, can your pumpkin pie be as extraordinarily good as your words here?!

Is The Crust a Must?

Ego, you are very funny,
trying to get hold of this.
Ego, I do let you go,
the Truth is that word bliss.

Ego, you may choose to join,
to become Yourself again.
Divinity, you can't purloin -
pointless stealing pain.

There is no pain beneath the crust,
the filling, the crust - the pie;
believing God instead of must,
I Am One, am I.

You are!

You are!

Hi Gloria...

Just wanted to say: Thank you dear one for all you are and all you do. You are indeed a most reverred steward of the many messages and eternal Love of our Father. Never wonder for even a moment if you have been a success in this life time! you are a profound treasure...and because of your presence and your work as a holy scribe, this person called Jim has blossomed. That is not entirely accurate but I am sure you catch my drift! Blessing and loving you! Jim and Jimi.

It is always more wonderful

It is always more wonderful with you here, Jim and Jimi!

3 Heavenletter Haiku for

3 Heavenletter Haiku for you

Hello Friends,

God said and so what
No matter what you think of
I say I love you

God said so be it
I modeled you after Me
All for Heaven's sake

God said yes you are
You are a Dream Pie of Mine
My Divinity

Love, Light and Aloha!