What Christ Yearned For

God said:

Is not every day a holy day? Is not every day new? Is not every day a day of all possibilities? Who can know what today will bring? This could be the day that dreams are fulfilled and no longer deferred.

On this day that commemorates the birth of Christ, many of My children on Earth are yearning for peace to arise and to stay. This is what Christ and all Great Ones have yearned for. Why not today, beloveds? Why not today? What cannot the thoughts of man do?

The world has waited a long time for peace to take its rightful place. And what is another word for peace but brotherhood? What is another word for brotherhood but love? And what were Christ and all the Great Ones to the world but the embodiment of love. What can possibly equal love, beloveds? Only love itself. Nothing else equals love. Nothing can surpass it. Nothing can hold a candle to love.

Any departure from love is exaggerated drama. It is hysteria. It is not truth. All the Great Ones came to give love, and so they shared themselves. What did they think about but love? What did they demonstrate but love? Who were they but love?

They were born the same as you. They were born to a mother and father. The Great Ones walked on the same Earth that you do walk on. They knew their connection to Heaven, and they offered you Heaven right here on Earth. They discovered for themselves a new land, and, of course, they wanted you to be beloved in this new land of love where hearts burst into flame and where stars dance in everyone’s eyes and glory is to be beheld.

When a new star is discovered, all want to see it. And so the Great Ones discovered bright light on Earth and pointed to it so that all might see. “Look up,” the Great Ones said. “Do you see what I see?”

“Where?” the people asked.

“Here,” the Great Ones said.

That new star is still shining brightly. It shines onto Earth. It lights up the world. It would light you up with all the love of God.

The stars in the sky herald your birth, beloveds. If you are ninety years old, the stars still herald your birth. With one flip of the switch of your mind, your heart can strike out and find gold right where you are sitting.

What Christ saw, you can see. What Christ knew, you can know. What Christ lived, you can live. You can widen the expanse of where the starlight of your love can fall. You can cover the world with love. Declare love in your heart right now. Be emboldened to express the love that Christ was and that you are.

It is time now to stop thinking that you are less. It is time now to stop thinking that you cannot be Christ. Christ said otherwise. He said you can be all that he is. He yearns for you to accept your rightful place in the galaxies of luminaries.

Gift-giving and gift-receiving are symbolic of the gift of love. Give the stars, beloveds. Give out stars of love voluminously. Paste stars of love all over the world. Issue stars of love from your heart. Goodness knows, I have supplied you with them. I gave you a whole heartful.

Deliver Christ’s love today.

Santa Claus represents the wrapped worldly gifts of love.

Christ represents the Divine gift of love, love that opens hearts, love that connects all to Heaven and to Me.

All the Great Ones spoke on My behalf, and you can too. Would you like to?

I wish you a Merry Christmas Day of love abundant and unanimous.

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1 Heavenletter Haiku for

1 Heavenletter Haiku for you

Hello Friends,

God said on this day
Of all possibilities
Give love abundant

Love, Light and Aloha!

What Christ saw, you can

What Christ saw, you can see. What Christ knew, you can know. What Christ lived, you can live.

Thank you for this divine Heavenletter !
much love