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namaste gloria ji

dear gloria ji


hope this email will find you well and full of vision and sipirt.... i really feel blessed having such a good friend like you in my life.

i hope that you might have read my last email regarding the visit of Himalayan Youth Conference , Ujjain, India. it was truly good.... as you know that learning, sharing, serving and spreading the good values is the only motto of my life.

well ,we are continuing our services.... the teachers are fine... working hard. And now we are planning to establish another branch of HVP at Birgunj ( eastern part of Nepal ) which will basically provide service to the unprivileged children of laborers . the children are dedicated to prepare the 2nd term exams. the weather is getting colder ,so one can see the shining and smiling Himalayas in the morning.

the youths of YSP were busy for the programs for Int. Volunteers Day ,Dec.5 , ( especially talks, interactions and cleaning campaign in various schools /colleges were organized ).the youths need a right platform at right time to unfold their infinite potentials.....

pls say namaste to all of your friends . pls keep in touch and keep on showering your infinite love and true wisdom through Heavenletters, a greatest service to humanity . may god bless you.


namaste gloria ji

Dear my dear Y M Jogie,

may I just speak open haert? What you do is a vision. It is so great, to see, there are humans on this earth doing that.

Thanks you


Response to Adrachin

Dear Adrachin,

I feel just the way you do about C.M. Yogi's contributions to the beautiful people in Nepal and the marvelousness of his high consciousness reaching us here. We are privileged to have this saint participate in our forum.

We are also fortunate to have you giving so generously from your heart and skills and making this forum available to us and running so smoothly. You have made the connecting possible.

Thank you.

With love and blessings,