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Hi Gloria,

I'll be in Peru for a month (I wish it was the return trip already, but not ready yet -- economically at least -- spiritually & emotionally, I already am) I'm trying to be patient though, so hard! The good thing is that I have my wife's support, she can see how anxious I am to return. Now I understand all the times I used to see her crying, when I asked why, she would say: "I miss my family, I miss the warmth of people back home". And I used to not be able to understand, I had built a hard film around my heart all these years trying to protect me from being hurt, and in the end it was my own mind I was protecting myself from, pretty much as you mention we do on you letter. All this was melted in an instant when I stood up on that beach my first trip, I learned to open up again and not have anything mental (which is the only thing anyhow) block that connection. The problem is that now I find it hard to feel that Oneness again or to focus enough to live in that state all the time, running all day, trying to get the project done as soon as posible, some how it all seems like a beautiful dream I had and the only way to experience that again would be by being in that same situation again, but as you say, place or time shouldn't matter since they're not real to begin with.

I know it will be easier once in that lifestyle I'm planning to have. Renzo has been living on the land for the past few months and now when he returns to Lima (city) he can stand it being there too long he says, even though his parents are well off and live with more comforts than most people here. There's nothing like the feeling of nothingness in your mind, and that's when everything becomes simple, you just flow and know how to do it. Bringing us to one of Einstein's phrases: "Everything should be simple, but not simpler."

The attachment is right after the letter you read, sorry to confuse you, it's at the bottom of this letter you just replied to, but I'll send it separate again.

One of the reason I'm so anxious to return home is because I love the ocean, I grew up right on it, I swam and surfed all year round, it is just the greatest feeling for me, nothing else exists when you're being pulled around by the sea, enjoying every moment in it. Maybe I was meant to be a fish, ha!

This connection is so real and strong that on last year's trip, after 15 years away, just driving along side the beach awoke all these senses, feelings, memories, until I could no more and had to ask Renzo's dad to pull over and had to get in it, that's all I need! Ocean love.