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Dear Gloria,

Just wanted to make sure you received my translation, I also posted it on the forum (I'm getting the hang of it) ha...since I have't played with it much, but just in case here it is attached again.

I'm happy to tell you I'm going to Peru on the 21 of this month -- God willing of course -- ready to see what we've accomplished.

You're so right in your letters, we've been conditioned sice little to believe all negative/evil is real, but in fact is all an illusion of the human mind (ego) of what it fears most.

Funny "synchronicity", right after I wrote to you about John of God, next thing I'm watching the Discovery chanel they're talking about him and how he's cured thousands of people with rudimentary home tools, and incredibly he does it with no anestesia and causing no bleeding and the most important part, for me at least, is that it is kind of like "the by the hat" story, he does this for free and donations, he does it to experience the love of giving love...., leaving left brained doctors and scientists astonished. Everyone must prepare spiritually before any treatment can be given -- that's the part when love and oneness comes into play -- when interviewed John says he doesn't remember anything after he operates, he goes under a deep meditation, but somehow he reads our body's energy, detecting bad vibration in form of diseases. Scientist are now coming to the conclusion that everything is made of an energy form that unites everything we see and that we're all contributing to our reality weather we know it or not by the way we think.

I think this kind of info is good to speed up the earth awakening process, though you're right, all we need is love, but unfortunately most of this planet's people are used to left brain thinking, and it will help them understand that reality of life a little better when accepted as such by whom they're used to trusting more than their own intuition. I have to be honest and say it help me a lot to understand also, though as I said I had an intuition of that's how it worked from little life experiences and manifestations.

I now need to work more on refining my intuitive feelings and the love experienced ny oneness by letting go of all hostility and anger held by a mind that's fooled you all of your life and confusing you by seeing everyone else act that way too, so you think for a moment it must be right until you burn out as I did and ralize that was never real.

I sincerely hope to find that inner peace, that oneness where nothing matters but the oneness of the moment. I want to be able to feel, give and receive unconditional love at all times without any obstruction from the mind to do so, and as a Maya elder once said: "What you pay attention to, you become conscious of"

Con mucho amor,


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Dear Pedro,

First of all fighting/arguments/wars and all discourse is brought about by feelings of right. We feel that we are right and it is a very powerful need to prove it, so we fight. It does us no good to argue, if someone else disagrees with what we say/feel, let it go and don't fight, it will do no one any good.

Discover and creat the kind of love you are seeking. It takes only focus. When first married we can't take our minds off of our beloved, thus love is created. Focus on creating love often enough, and you will create it just the same.

Love's Light,


Dear Joe,

How beautiful to have you participating in the Heavenletters Community Forum.

Yes, this thing of being right causes a lot of trouble!

I just want to say that Pedro and his cousin Renzo have gone beyond thought into action. They are following their dream and creating Heaven on Earth in a beautiful spiritual center in Peru. I commend them highly. And Pedro continues to work in a big city in the United States to help support the center.

Even though we know that peace can be had anywhere, a beautiful beach and ocean help! I want to go this beautiful place of peace as well. May we all meet there!

Do we not all of us feel some difference in our lives from the absolute joy that we know can be, and which we have experienced, but yet not enough? I know that’s true for me.

I commend Pedro and Renzo for their courage and spirit, and I commend you the same, dear Joe.

With love and blessings,



LOVE is guiding our every step.