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The Mighty

King of the Hill (not that cartoon thing)

Both of these movies focus on childhood. Both of them are miracle stories, if you ask me.

If it had not been for Sharon Stone, The Mighty might not ever have been made. She loved the story so much she sold producers on it. Her commitment was so great that she waived being paid for her role in it.

This is not a typical movie, nor a typical Sharon Stone glamor role. In this she plays a supporting role that is hardly glamorous.

King of the Hill is entirely different from The Mighty. I don't know why the movie is entitled King of the Hill. It's about a boy and his parents during the depression who live in one room of a seedy hotel. You meet bizarre and wonderful people, and the boy himself is incredible. He had none of the advantages that kids have today. He did not have his basic needs filled, and yet nothing held him back.

I believe this movie told of the life of the screenwriter.

Will someone watch these movies and tell me what you feel!

With love and blessings,


The Mighty

Thanks for the reminder Gloria!
I have wanted to rent "The Mighty" a few different times, but for some reason, never did. I knew that it would probably be a good movie, but to hear your recommendation, inspires me to go get it now.
I'll let you know what I think once I watch it.
I've never heard of King of the Hill, but I'm going to have to check that one out too. Thanks for the tips.

The Mighty

Hey Gloria,
We rented "The Mighty" last night. My 10 yr old and I both loved it!
Thank you so much for the recommendation. :)
It was a great movie! Of course I cried, but that's pretty normal for me, (it its a good movie). LOL
I loved how the boys paired up and helped each other with their individual "gifts" . If only we could ALL help one another like that! ;)


I haven't seen the movie "The Mighty" yet but now I'll make sure I do. I'll write and tell what I think after the fact.
Love and joy to all!!!



This thread shows that there are miracles! 2 years after I posted about these two great movies, there were responses!

Now that this movie section is restored to life, as I come across something I really like, I will add it.

I hope you'll all do the same!