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open heart movie

dear all sweet hearts,

allow me to share a movie which I think this is very beautiful for our heart.

watch it with your heart and enjoy it.

much love&smile to your heart,
tri gunanto

open heart movie

Dear Tri,

thankyou for pointing out this movie. It really touches the heart in a gentle and innocent way.


Tri Gunato

How happy I am to see a post from you, dear friend!

I will view that movie just as soon as I can. Since you and Paula both love it, I am positive that I will too.

A movie that Santhan recommended to me is Lady in the Water.

I sure love a good movie!

open heart movie

Dear Gloria,

I was not sure about Lady in the Water, but if Sanathan recommended it I will see it as soon as possible.
many thanks!!
A dear hug to all of you!

open heart movie

Dear Tri,
did have a look just now at the heart movie, many many thanks,
it's wonderful!!
many thanks again!

open heart movie

Dear all,

I did see The Lady in the Water, really most beautiful !!!!!! Many thanks to Sanathan for his hint!!!!

open heart movie

Hello dear hearts,

I just watched this movie clip and it was beautiful. Thank you for sharing and reminding me, once again, to strive to live fully connected to my heart. I find that I have to remind myself constantly to be fully present in the NOW. I'm so thankful that I'm in such great company and that as we all move more fully into our hearts then it becomes easier for everyone and so it goes. What a wonderful thing!! Let's all keep up the great work continuously.