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The Daily Show with Jon Stewart is the news program I like to catch. It gets right to the bottom line, and it has a sense of humor through it all.

Daily Show

Gloria, I didn't peg you for a Daily Show fan. I just love it. My son and I watch it all the time. We have a great sense of humor and we love to laugh, and that one really is funny. Good Times!


Hey, Dave, people are often surprised at what I like, and what I don't!

My daughter never got over that I loved the original movie, The Blues Brothers. (Was that the name?) And everyone expects I would like Touched by an Angel, and I can't even watch it!

Another one of my favorite movies is Hair. I wonder what Dr. Hawkins found objectionable to the hippies! I personally never was one, but I suspect that, had I not been so straight-laced, I could have been a happy one.

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Too early for what?!!!