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HEAVEN #1840 Make Way for Ducklings November 18, 2005

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HEAVEN #1840 Make Way for Ducklings November 18, 2005

God said:

If you did not have so many thoughts, you would feel happier. Your errant mind seeks for cause and effect, leaving you high and dry, or in a maelstrom of eddying thoughts. Your mind tries to make much of things, and you let it.

You make a production out of what someone says, and you make a production out of what you say to yourself. Your mind becomes a speeding train that won't stop and won't let you get off. Your mind makes a lot of noise as it stays on a single track.

Would you not be happier if your mind did not take you for a ride?
It takes you up and down the same hills. Sometimes it skids. Certainly your thoughts wear you out, one catapulting thought on top of another. And so My children look for louder noise in the world to drown out their own thoughts.

You would rather scream on a roller coaster than to be left alone with your own thoughts. So, now, let's raise your thoughts higher. We will take them to another realm, where thoughts work for you and carry you, more like a torch than a heavy grip that weighs you down.

You can order your thoughts. You can take your mind off those dead ends. You can will your thoughts to be wonderful. Your thoughts are already powerful. Let them also be wonderful, and more power to you.

What value can there be in hashing over that which is unappealing?
What value can there not be in looking upward? If you desire beauty, then look at it. If you desire joy, feel it. You can commandeer your thoughts.
Pretend for a moment that your thoughts are ducklings, and you line them up and gently corral them to go where you want, not leaving it up to chance, not making yourself a willing victim to your thoughts.

Let your thoughts be employees that work for you, look out for you, tend to business. You would not keep a negative employee who tripped you up at every turn. And yet you feel a loyalty to your thoughts, as if you have to keep them in mind no matter

I do not mean that you whip your thoughts back. True, they may have been whipping you, but now you let them go without malice. They have had their say. They are like left-over stew you put away. You have had enough. You want no more left-overs. You want some fresh thoughts. And you deserve.

Yes, have a thought you never had before. Think a magnificent thought! What might it be. Name some. Let them come running in and take a seat in your mind. Let your thoughts be friends that you want to have over.
Let your thoughts be great, for they will stir you to Greatness. They will pull Greatness to you. You will not be able to get away from it. You will be like the champion a team carries on their shoulders. You will be hoisted to Greatness. And all this because of your thoughts.

I tell you not to be concerned with cause and effect, but know that every thought of yours has an effect, but don't try to follow its course.
Let how your thoughts make you feel be the prod to change them or to keep them. How do you want to feel? How do you want to think? Then what prevents you but another thought in your head that is taking up space, crowding you, pushing new thought away?

Make way for ducklings of new thoughts.

Copyright@ 11-18-05

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the key to wonderful thoughts

Hello Gloria and All,

This is my understanding of the key to a mind that's congruent with the heart:

In the process of writing my book on the theme of connecting within, I learned that when you connect to your heart and soul, the left and right brain become better connected. Once you connect within and use those inner resources, meaning follow through on the urgings within, a balance between the left and right brain begins to be restored, which allows the two parts to work together better. This then creates a balance between the linear and the non-linear, between logic and imagination, between the male and female aspects within. With this balance, instead of internal struggle there’s inner congruence, there are fewer conflicting messages coming from the mind and inner wisdom comes much more easily. This shows up as inner power—you are no longer easily manipulated by your fears or by outside influences because you have access to your innate wisdom. Also, the heart feels and this heart and soul feeling can override and transform false beliefs held by the mind. Once false beliefs are transformed, the blessings and grace begin to flow from the Universe because your mind no longer blocks them.
Perhaps also when you have this inner congruence, your mind is aligned with your larger purpose in the divine design; you have found your true course.

I don't think you can will the mind to think a certain way--force the mind to do anything and it will rebel or it will just go along reacting to your environment as usual. But if you follow through on the inner guidance, on your heart regardless of what's going on around you, your mind will get the picture and begin to cooperate. And once you begin to follow through and see the results of that, you begin to trust the heart, you know you can count on it so then you'll still the mind of its fears and have inner peace--the key to peace in the world.

The above is my understanding of the process I went through as I connected within—that my mind was balancing itself as I connected, and aligning with my truest self. As strange as this may sound, perhaps chemical or organic changes occur in the brain when the reconnection process is activated. During my own process, I experienced a high concentration of painful headaches for several weeks in a row, which was something unusual for me (well it was also true I was under some stress…) During those headaches, thoughts of some sort of balancing taking place in my brain kept popping up. Once I thought I was reconnected, the headaches immediately disappeared. At the same time, I noticed fewer conflicting messages were arising from my mind. And as I worked on my third draft, I forgot what it was like to have so many conflicting messages coming from inside. My mind doesn’t chatter as much anymore. In fact, there are many times when I wait patiently for my next thoughts: what will I think of next?

This I believe is the key to discovering your creativity, your blessings, your innate wisdom from all your inner spaces, superconsciousness, humanity's potential, Oneness. But it doesn't come easily--you have to follow through on the inner urgings regardless of outside pressure or personal considerations. That takes courage and fortitude. But we are divine beings are we not? And isn't part of our purpose to discover that we are these divine beings, that we are capable and courageous and much more than we think we are?

This is just a small portion of what I learned while writing my book Life is a daring adventure. In the book I actually tell the story (a personal narrative) of what I did and give practical information and methods used in my journey. What's interesting is that I wrote it as I was learning it (I was prepared for doing this by the Counsel of Light) so I tell the story of that, the details and everything, and the crisis in my personal life that compelled me to do that. So you could also say that crises in your life can be keys to your inner gifts and to your divinity--probably one of the faster ways to get there.

This is why I'm so excited about listening to the heart--it's the key to everything.

Christine Hoeflich


Dear One,

As one who is very right-brained, I found what you wrote very left-brained!

Dear Christine, I can't begin to tell you how many things I read that I don't understand! Ask Adrachin when he tries to explain technical things to me!

Would it be correct to say that you were pointing out some aspects that might not be in Make Way for Ducklings?

Here's how I see it, dear one. A Heavenletter has to be read with the heart and not the intellect. So reading Heavenletters is a matter of feeling. I think it's in the introduction to the Heaven book that God says that it doesn't matter what He says. It matters that we sit down with Him.

For everything a Heavenletter says, there is something it doesn't say. For instance, there is a Heavenletter where God tells us to always be ready to say Yes. But that doesn't mean we never say No! Another Heavenletter will address the need to say No.

I thank you for giving your honest thoughts, dear Christine.

With love and blessings,


HEAVEN #1840 Make Way for Ducklings November 18, 2005

Hello Gloria,

I suppose I was saying that it's wonderful to have a balance and connection between the left and right brain. The right brain is not superior to the left and neither is the left superior to the right. For a mind to function optimally a balance is necessary, and this balance is achieved by the process of connecting within and processing through.

There is a lot of conventional thought in the world that the left brain is the problem and the ego needs to be subdued and willed but I don't think that is accurate or that it works. That I suppose is my issue, and it is not you but so many who think this way. And because this is a forum I bring forth my thoughts about this inaccuracy. I think the way to creative wonderful thoughts is connecting deeply within and having a balance. I see a lot of creative inspiring thoughts in heavenletters, inspiring the best in people and I am in awe of God's responses, especially when God answers an individual going through a deep problem or a crisis. But the left brain has its functions too, sharp thinking has its merits--it's interested in what works. And since this balance between the left and the right (between the heart and the ego if you will) is what I wrote about in my book, I'm interested in furthering the cause for balance.

Hope that clears up the misunderstanding.

(Hope also that the engineers of the world embrace the artist within and the artists of the world embrace the scientist within.)

Love to you always,

Christine Hoeflich

HEAVEN #1840 Make Way for Ducklings November 18, 2005

Dear Christine,

First and foremost, of course, I am delighted that you post here and bring forth your honest thoughts. We would only want your honest thoughts, and you are so gracious in expressing them.

Sometimes I think it's not misundering so much as it is a different understanding and emphasis.

Okay, would you agree that the left brain dominates in the world? More mind than heart, as God would say.

I have heard too that balance is best. When I was in high school, the theme of life seemed to be Balance. I think I got oversated with the idea. Like everyone has to be into sports and social activities and academics. Somehow I never wanted to be that perfectly balanced person, or I knew it was a losing battle!

I also believe it's best to be who we are. I don't say that as excuse for any of us not to grow, but more as an acceptance of our own strengths.

When I used to do career counseling, I gave a little ten-minute test. I never liked those long ones that took hours or days. And this one took ten minutes to go over as well. And guess what? It was on operating styles which meant left brain/right brain!

What I liked about this test was that however you came out, it was good. If you were dominantly directive/analytical left brain, thank God for you. You are needed. If you were conceptual/behavioral, thank God for you, you are needed. If you were low in one area, it didn't mean you had to then try to raise it, nor if you were very high in one area, that you had to work on lowering it. It was total acceptance.

Of course, we're all all of these four styles, and all of them are good and needed. And it's no secret that we favor what we are dominant in.

Because the world seems to be skewed left brain, it's often harder for us right-brained ones to be understood. In fact, we're called divergent thinkers.

Now to the topic more at hand:

Can we expand our thinking? Can we learn a new perspective? Can our perception change?

Can we change our thinking? Do we have say over our thoughts?

Can we change our intentions?

To me, the answer is a resounding Yes! We are not powerless with our thoughts.

We are exchanging our thoughts right now. That's what this whole forum is for.

I am aware that we have to be careful about holding fast to a position because that's when an exchange of thoughts becomes an argument. I hope I am not coming across as saying to anyone that you must think the way I do. I'm just trying to say how things look to me right now.

God bless you, Christine.

With love, Gloria

HEAVEN #1840 Make Way for Ducklings November 18, 2005

Hi Gloria!

I totally get it when you talk about balance in your outer life--Years ago I was being myself--exploring different ideas about religion, taking workshops, moving to Europe to work, you know a lot of brave things. My sister who lived with me after college told me I needed more balance in my life. Balance seemed to be everywhere--in the media, health ideas, what to eat, etc. and I was turned off by it. Forget balance, I just wanted to be me.

What I mean here is having a balance within. According to many new age thinkers today, the mind and the ego seem to be the problem to everything. I disagree. I think it is much less of a problem than an issue of balance. I've read several books that insist on controlling or forcing or willing the ego or mind to think a certain way. But that doesn't work too well, especially in a time of severe crisis, which many people find themselves in today.

I found myself in a severe crisis just a few years ago. There was no one or nothing that could help me, so I went within, I connected to that deep space within me and went into the void--that was the purpose of the crisis I guess. During the time of crisis my mind would race all over the place but I found that going within and connecting to my heart helped a little. Then after some time, after finding my inner voice and listening to it, I began to see results. I listened to this inner voice even though it went against my family's expectations. My husband, mother, in-laws, siblings, children (now aged 7 and 10), many friends--they all thought I was doing the wrong thing. They let me know this almost daily. I felt totally alone and on the brink of insanity. After all, in the midst of a marital and "career" and financial crisis, when someone embarks on writing a book because beings in another dimension ask you to and you are not a writer but an engineer and you don't have a writing background or publishing connections who are you going to get support from?? (My situation was actually hilariously funny and crazy.) I had really no one to support me on a daily basis except for my heart. And as I struggled to hear its message and follow through, I saw after some time that I began to get results. I started to trust the inner messages and my heart. I started to trust myself. I felt inner joy as well as had many sychronistic experiences and signs from the Universe show up, almost daily in fact. And when I started to trust my self my mind then BEGAN TO CALM DOWN. (Makes sense, doesn't it?) It wasn't so scared anymore. This is when I noticed the things about balance. So then what did it do??--My mind came up with the most beautiful explanations as to my process and practical methods for doing what I did. It came up with the formula for experiencing flow in all areas of your life, not just descriptions and examples of flow but a simple method for flow--so that others could do the same. My book began to flow. My mind also put the pieces together so I began to make total sense of my life--not only who I was but also who the other people in my life are. I'm talking about my specific soul origin, back to the beginning of time. To one of the archangels--the one that was most misunderstood. And who the soul of this archangel was 2000 years ago as well, which will be very interesting for humanity to find out. Sort of turns everything we thought about certain bible stories upside down, and shows that God has more of a sense of humor than we think! And in the end, the story sets humanity free.

That's why I say that having this balance within is the way to superconsciousness, to the next step in humanity's evolution, which is certainly going to happen but it will take something from us--it will require us to find out who we really are in a deep experiential way, not just academic. The other thing is--I'm an engineer but I wrote my book as a story, as an interesting personal narrative, with humor and metaphors and poetic prose, and the learnings are woven into the story--a great way to learn the material. And all this happened easily because I connected with my purpose for being here.

So I have something totally new--you might even say a new genre of book--the Counsel of Light certainly did--and I want to share it with others. I want others to have this. In fact I have nothing else to do as this is part of my specific soul plan. I wanted to share it with you but I am aware that when one door closes, another opens somewhere else.

Thank you so much Gloria,
Blessings to you always,

Christine Hoeflich

HEAVEN #1840 Make Way for Ducklings November 18, 2005

hello christine

I like your explanations

and I can say the same thing as you say and as it seems live
that flowing and flowing and flowing from moment to moment to moment


I had really no one to support me on a daily basis except for my heart. And as I struggled to hear its message and follow through, I saw after some time that I began to get results. I started to trust the inner messages and my heart. I started to trust myself. I felt inner joy as well as had many sychronistic experiences and signs from the Universe show up, almost daily in fact. And when I started to trust my self my mind then BEGAN TO CALM DOWN