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HEAVEN #1846 If Your Table Is Full November 24, 2005

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HEAVEN #1846 If Your Table Is Full November 24, 2005

God said:

If your table is full, let your heart be full as well.

If you have more food than you can eat, and there is no one hungry near you to feed, then give your thoughts of abundance to those who are hungry. Send them an image of your joy.

When you bless your food, bless also those who have yet to eat.
Share the abundance of your heart with them. You may not be able to share the food on your table, but you can share your sense of well-being.

You are to keep your joy, not to spoil it. Let joy spill over, not lack. Make toasts in your heart to those who have not food to eat on this day or another.

Be glad you have food, and eat with relish. That is the least you can do for those who have not food to eat.

Send your thanks-giving out into the world.

Those who are blessed send blessings.

All who read My words sit in the lap of luxury. How you escaped hunger, you do not know. Why one man has too much to eat and another has none is more than you can understand, and it is also more than you can bear.

It is important not to waste your joy. Do not scrimp on it. Be hearty. Be glad to share your love with the world. Let the food on your table be a symbol of awareness of abundance of love, and then share that awareness gladly, as you would share your food if you but knew how.

Stretch your arms around everyone in the world, and give thanks for them. Thank even the hungry for letting you know how blessed you are. Bring their souls closer to yours. Invite their hearts to a feast of abundance of love. There may not be room in your house for all. There is more than enough room in your heart. I made it so.

As My heart embraces, so may yours. May love for all sentient Beings entwine all hearts.

Let no one be hungry for love. Let no one be away from your heart.
Admit all. Keep no one out. The feast of Thanksgiving is in your heart.

And so pass out your thoughts around the world the way you pass out yams around the table. Pass out the warmth. Pass out the variety. Fill hearts the way you fill plates.

Cry not for those who can only look in through the window at your feast. Welcome their hearts instead. Cry not that you have what another does not. Give your joy.

Imagine food on their table. Imagine a congregation of people meeting on a mountain top or in a valley, and all say grace before the food they are to eat. See heaping plates. See joyous faces. See food everywhere.

See food cooked. See food growing by the wayside. See fruit trees.
See berries being picked. See bushels of food given to all for the asking.

Be the farmer whose pleasure it is to grow food. Take the food to market. Deliver it to households. Let your cart be full. Feed the horse who pulls the cart. Place a garland around his neck.

Be the magician who turns one grain of rice into one thousand.

Offer humble offerings to the world entire.

If you would give the food on your plate to one who has not eaten, in your mind give it to someone in another land and see them receiving it.
Use plates of gold and banana leaves. Knock coconuts from trees and break them open. Give milk to everyone to drink.

You do not know what your thoughts can do. You can fill other countries and your own land with bounteous food through the miracle of your thoughts. Let no cupboard be bare in your thoughts. When there is gratitude in your heart, there can only be desire to share, and you share as you can in this moment. Send flowers. Send food. Fill the larders. The food of thought that is yours will be theirs. You will have planted vines. You will have dug wells. The mind of man that has created so much, wanted and unwanted, can now create abundance and wealth for all. Do not throw up your hands and say there is nothing you can do. I have just told you what you can do with your thoughts, so now bless all in My name.

Copyright@ 11-24-05

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