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HEAVEN #1848 The Waters of Life November 26, 2005

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HEAVEN #1848 The Waters of Life November 26, 2005

God said:

Holy are the waters of life. Holy are the Beings who drink the waters of life. Holy is life on Earth. It is a holy privilege to live in a Human body on Earth. Did you think it was a mark against you? Some kind of disgrace, perhaps, to be a child on Earth?

If Earth seems like some kind of lower world, it is because you have not seen its promise.

What ingredients on Earth do you think are missing that life on it should be less than holy?

If I, Father and Mother God, am holy, how can My offspring be less?
How can you be? How can you see yourself as a drudge? Or as a thief or disgrace? You allow yourself what you allow yourself. You deny yourself what you deny yourself.

You blame all manner of things. You blame lack on lack. But for any perceived lack in your life, you hold the responsibility. Life is not either/or, beloveds. Life is an endless list of possibilities. What is so nice about either/or? Aren't and and and and and and.better?

Everyone is right in what he perceives from where he stands. If you do not like what you see, then move and stand somewhere else where you can see better. You have a thousand choices, beloved, not just one or two.

You are the one who tells yourself that you can't have something.
You haven't loved yourself enough to grant it. You have withheld from yourself when you could have given.

From now on, you are one who gives. Start giving to yourself. If you are thirsty, drink. What is to gain from not? Start living in a world of plenty. Abundance is yours. Accept that it is.

The world as it appears has grown from your mind. Change your thoughts, and a different world will emerge from your consciousness.
Potential is meant to be realized. Potential is not meant to be faraway. It is not meant to be only a dream.

You are connected to the Earth as you are connected to Heaven.
Neither is out of your realm. Earth is thought of as Earth, and Heaven is thought of as Heaven. Cannot life on Earth be Heaven? Look not back. Look into My eyes instead. See what you can see in My eyes that see further than yours.

Why would anyone want to go backwards? Why would anyone want to look back and say that Earth has never been Heaven but, in fact, quite opposite?

Let's erase the idea of opposite and the idea of either/or.

Earth is growing toward Heaven. With every expression of good will, with every moment of peace in your heart, and with My grace, you are opening the curtains to Heaven. You are lifting Earth higher. You are lightening it.
Who said that life on Earth had to be burden? Who said it could not be on Earth as it is in Heaven?

You have believed in misfortune. You believe in fortune and misfortune, but it is misfortune you have counted on. You have called death of the body and the rising of a soul to pure Heaven a tragedy. You see life or death. You see good or bad, and so you sentence yourself to a life of this or that. Expand your awareness.

Water is holy, and you are holy. Holy be life on Earth. Holy be your awareness of awareness. Let your mind be a like a folded fan that opens. Let your mind be like an umbrella that keeps opening and keeps opening and reaching up to Heaven from where the watering rain comes.

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