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HEAVEN #1849 A Certain Song Is Sung November 27, 2005

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HEAVEN #1849 A Certain Song Is Sung November 27, 2005

God said:

You are the waves of the water seemingly blown about by people who enter your life. You rise high on the waves and you go low, yet it is you who rows the boat and goes up and down. It is you yourself who makes you feel many ways.

All the people on the shores of your life are you. Whatever they bring out of you, it's you they bring out. On the surface of life, you are unbridled fear and negativity while you are also a captain of love and all that is beautiful. The captain wears a white uniform, the wings of the
epaulets emblemize love.

There is no blaming, and there is no apology. An orchestra is playing. The low notes have their place as well as the high notes. Each is precious. Each melds into the other.

An artist uses the colors of his palette. No color is a disgrace. It is the color it is at the moment it is. One bud of a rose bush buds now, another later. One branch you step on snaps, and another springs up. All is as it is. In a moment it will change, but right now a certain song is sung.
Soon there will be another. In this that is called time, already there is another.

The only constant is God. This that goes on between Us magnifies life. Therefore, what goes on between Us is magnificent. It magnifies love.
Love reverberates into a song. We look into each other's eyes, and in a flash, the world is expanded into original love. It expands into the origin of love.

The origin is Being. Being esplanades, and We have the seeming you and the seeming I, when, all the while, We are simply Being. Being is Being, and We are Being. We are One Being in this Eternity We sit on. We sit on Ourselves, for We are Eternity. We are Eternity dancing in the mirror. We are Eternity chasing itself. We keep up with Eternity which stays still in the innermost culverts of Our hearts.

We consider relative life in three ways. One is to say it is as it should be. The tree fell in the right place at the right time. Another way is to say it's all wrong. The tree should not have fallen at all. Another way is to say that the world is as you see it, and you see it multi-ways.

Your desire is for the relative world to be perfect, and when it does not meet your predilection, you are distressed. The world is not going to stay the same in any case, and your view of it will change regardless.

Consider your thoughts on Earh as powerful magnets or as zoom-in cameras. The magnets pull in vibrations equal to your thoughts. The camera lens projects your thoughts into a picture, and you see your thoughts projected before you.

And there is world thought as well, although you can stand above it.
Beloveds, you must stand above it. Your thoughts have to ascend. It is your thinking that ascends, you understand. You rise with your thoughts. It is your thoughts that propel you. Your thoughts are the scene-stealers.

And yet We do not have to get so wound up about the relative life.
It is, after all, only relative life. It is not absolute. It is a mirage floating by. Amazingly, there is a mirage of a boat you hold onto, even while you are the Ocean Itself. You can only sink into yourself. In any case, you rise from the depths of the Ocean.

Remember from where you have come. And remember Whose heart beats within yours. How can you be thirsty when you are the water of life itself?

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