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HEAVEN #1850 Like a Bride and Groom November 28, 2005

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HEAVEN #1850 Like a Bride and Groom November 28, 2005

God said:

The server serves, and the one who is served also serves, as I serve you.

The bank manager serves the bank teller.

The children in school serve the teacher.

Who serves more? I serve you, and you serve Me.

This is not a swap, for I give all. I do not give according to how much you give. It is you who weighs and contemplates your worth and may not accept all that I give to you. I work hard at your accepting.

Of course, I work hard not at all. It was nothing for Me to create the universe with my thought. Seven days? Why, that would seem like a minute. It is the easiest thing in the world for Me to love you. Greater than anything is My love for you, and you are greater than you allow.

You leave rice on altars for Me. Who gave you the rice to give to Me? I have thought of everything. I have prepared everything for you. And you serve Me that which I have served you. You cannot serve fast enough to give Me what I have given you. I ask that you allow Me to serve you.

Who has the say here? I gave you free will, so what you do with the gifts of the universe is up to you. I cannot naysay. I cannot force your heart to offer itself. I cannot bend your knee. I stay still beside you as a good valet, at your service, at your call, at your bidding. I am quick to anticipate your every desire. You do not always have to speak. A nod in My direction is enough.

And so you serve Me by allowing Me to serve you. How simple is Our exchange. I give everything, and you give as you see to give in a specious moment of Earth time. I see everything everywhere. I see into the depths of your heart, and I see Myself there at attention, waiting for a signal from you. Your eyesight isn't quite as good as Mine, that's all.

If you saw further, were your vision more refined, you would see into My heart as well, and you would know that you had united with Me there.
You would know that you have been sitting in the center of My heart, unaware of where you were, thinking you were somewhere else, thinking you had a heart of your own, rather than the One We share, rather than the One sparkling the world, rather than the One lifting you and the errant world like a balloon that rises high and savors itself from a new height.

O Beloveds, how spacious the universe, and how small the world you have difficulty in moving around in. Come, get up out of your chair and come on a tour with Me. Let's sail the sky to the Moon, bathe Ourselves in its whiteness, and then hop over to the Sun where we warm ourselves in yellow blankets, and then hop from star to star for the fun of it. Let's bounce on the stars. Let's leap. Let's bounce on the Earth as well, for the Earth is a Star. It is a gleaming star, a cross of light in My eye. See the Earth now through My eyes, My heart. See, it is like a sun, all golden light swirling. See your eyes transformed. And as your eyes see, the world is. There is no difference between you and the Earth.

Do you see now how We are One, not one unfathomable, but One fathomable, one fathomable beat of Love filling up everything with the light that We are, enjoying our serving One another the way a bride and groom feed each other white wedding cake.

Copyright@ 11-28-05

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