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HEAVEN #1845 On the Moment of Your Awakening November 23,

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HEAVEN #1845 On the Moment of Your Awakening November 23, 2005

God said:

What words do you imagine I would ask you to say on the moment of your awakening from sleep on this morning of your life? What simple thought would I ask you to think? What formula would I give you to pump through your veins? What impulse would I give you to course through your DNA?

When you wake in the morning, let these lovely words run through your head: "Good morning, O Lord, I am in Thy Presence."

"Good morning, O Lord, I am in Thy Presence." This is all. This way you escalate yourself to Me. You move yourself over to Me. You keep some of the awareness that you recognized during the nighttime you call sleep.

I tell you to say: "Good morning, O Lord, I am in Thy Presence." I do not tell you to wake and say: "Oh, God, Come to Me." In saying that, you would be overlooking the Reality that I am always present.

If you say: "O, Lord, I need you," you are affirming your misguided sense that I have been absent. Thus, you would wait for Me rather than awaken to Me, and so overlook the great joy of moving toward Me even though the moving is only in awareness. Take the imaginary step of coming into My Presence. Through imagination is the only way you can take a step toward Me.
Immersed in one another as We are, how can either of Us actually take a step closer? Can Oneness come closer to Oneness?

When We are Oneness, what can be added? Where is there to go? If only you could believe. If only you could keep the knowing with you consciously always. If only you could forget the wary thought of Our ever having been anywhere except with each other, except as We are right now, except as One Light burning bright. Surely you know how My heart yearns and burns for your heart to become intimate with Mine, so intimate that you know only Our simple Oneness, so intimate that any division is impossible to contemplate, to have as a forethought or afterthought, to have as a concept to even conceive of, inconceivable even in absurdity.

Awake in the morning and say: "Good morning, O Lord, I am in Thy
Presence," and you shall be speaking Truth as close as words can get. You will be acknowledging that this is a good morning, and that you are with Me as I am with you. Then the edges blur, as blur they must, and you and I arise from the bed in Oneness. In tandem are We. In holy love are We. I AM, and that is all there is to it. Now you say: "I AM." And then you will have captured the palace that was where you lived to begin with. You will have captured your own heart.

I am always awake, and My call is: "Beloveds, come to Me. Remember Me. Remember Who and where I AM." I do not say, "Beloveds, wait for Me." I do not say, "Beloveds, I am on My way." No, I say: "I am here." I say: I am here, wake to Me."

Who is it Who speaks? Who is it Who says: "I am here." Who is it Who says:" Come to Me." Who is it Who listens? Who is it Who hears Himself?

Say "I" with a capital letter. That is different from me, me, me.
The sound "me" compresses the lips. But "I" is not selfishness. "I" is awareness. It is a vowel. It is not a moan. It is a call to yourself. Let the vowel sound issue softly from your throat as light as air, your mouth so open it is a megaphone, and so the sound you make echoes into the world and through the universe, arcs and arcs of vibration, and the sound "you", which comes through pursed lips, will not be a pleasure to make or thought to have. "I" will exist, and the concept "you" will not even exist, and, so, the imagined blending into Oneness will be complete.

Copyright@ 11-23-05

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HEAVEN #1845 On the Moment of Your Awakening November 23,





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Hi Gloria, You have a new topic at the bottom of the letter of today (1845)
And as a translator I am curious enough to try that out, so now it seems that I've been unsubscribed and don't know the way back.

Love Gert


Dear Gert, I see you are a person who touches wet paint!

Here's what to do:

On the same bottom template, you will see:

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On the actual bottom of the Heavenletter, this will be a link that takes you right to where you subscribe. Then do it!

We can't have you missing one day of Heavenletters! Besides, Emmy can't do all the translating into Dutch herself!

Blessings and love,


HEAVEN #1845 “ On the Moment of Your Awakening “

What a beautiful moment (maybe more than just beautiful, sorry I can not find the exact word to describe it, lack of English vocabulary) when I am practicing to say " Good morning, O Lord, I am in Thy Presence" with all my heart, all my love and with awareness on Oneness...

My heart also enjoying these phrases:

"...and that you are with Me as I am with you?"
"Immersed in one another as we are,..."
"In tandem are We. In holy love are We"
"I am here, wake to Me"

Then while enjoying those Oneness "sensation" (though sensation is not my goal) from my heart I intend to give My Love to all of you here, to everyone, to universe.. this moment even more beautiful...
"Thanks God, I am in Thy Presence now"

With loves,
tri gunanto
(sorry for just posting my sharing now. I should send it last week. But if I am not sending it I will even feel so sorry)


Dear Tri,

When you give such beautiful quotes from Heavenletters, it feels to me like I am receiving a chorus of music. Do you know what I mean? Now a solo, now this chorus, now another, beautiful music coming from another direction.

I love that about I am in Thy Presence too. It sort of haunts me, Tri. Sometimes I wake up thinking it, and other times I forget and remember later. It does seem to always put me in a nice place.

How do you say that in your language? What is the name of your language?

Yes, I agree with you. When we have an impulse to share something beautiful and uplifting, we'd better do it or we're sorry!

It is beautiful how you share.

God bless you.

With love, Gloria