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HEAVEN #1844 What is the use of unused love? November 22, 20

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HEAVEN #1844 What is the use of unused love? November 22, 2005

God said:

When you know that Heaven is, and I am God, why would you get frazzled by anything? A slingshot from a youth might stop a giant, but what can prevent Heaven and what can prevent Me? A nuclear bomb cannot. The trials of your days cannot. The greatest fears cannot.

You get frazzled because for a moment you think something is at stake. Nothing is at stake, beloveds, but your state of mind.

You often do not even know the names of your fears, yet you cowtow to them. Nameless, you add them to your signature. Your hand shakes as you write, and unnamed fear signs its name. Whatever it is that you fear will happen, the fear you brandish is more fearsome.

Do you think you are obligated to fear, that it is your responsibility? Then you become a watchdog. You can only lose that which is not yours to keep. You fear you can lose your money, but money does not have your name on it. You fear that your grass can dry up; it is illusion to say that the grass in your front lawn is yours. The grass that grows or dries up is not yours at all. There is no property that is yours. Your body is not.
All the treasures of the world are on loan to you. A loan is a temporary gift. Sooner or later you return it. When it comes to possessions in the world, you already know that one day you will have to pass them on.

Don't indenture yourself to all that which is temporary. Have you not vowed to serve possessions, take care of them, keep your eye on them, tend to them as if they were your own?

There is one thing on Earth that you are obliged to, and that is to love. You are obliged to because love is inherent in you. Just as you have height so you can stand up, you have love so that you can use it. What is the use of unused love?

There is nothing like love. Shine your love the way you do your furniture. Shine your heart.

Fear diverges from love. Fears are pesky flies, yet flies don't keep you from going where you like. Fears, big and little, can alight on you, but they don't have to stay. Actually, there are no little fears, for all fears blow themselves up to be big. They are giant shadows that block your view. A shadow can fall on you, but that does not mean it has to undermine you. Fear does not have to make inroads with you.

You say you don't want fears, and yet you cling to them.

Common sense and being bound by fears are not the same. Be sensible crossing a street, but every little thing you are anxious about is a stand-in for fear itself. Fear reminds itself of you in whatever ways it

Enough of fear, that puffed-up dragon. Let Us talk about love, a
white steed that comes galloping in from the west and rescues you from fear. Bestow on love the attention you have bestowed on fear.

When a fear arises, turn your attention to love. When a problem occurs, turn your attention to love. When anything occurs, turn your attention to love.

Heaven exists, and you have a God of Love. What else is there to know but love? What else is there to have and to give? What else is there for you to be?

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