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HEAVEN #1837 This Is Infinity November 15, 2005

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HEAVEN #1837 This Is Infinity November 15, 2005

God said:

You seek to be involved in life at the same time as you seek to be unattached. In a certain sense, you wish to be vulnerable to life at the same time as you wish to be invulnerable.

You want to be unattached. I tell you to be unattached. But you do not want to be indifferent. Nor do I wish you to be indifferent. It was I Who gave you a heart.

Have in mind, in terms of the relative, you do not play the role of one who is unattached. You do not stand on a balcony and coolly smoke a cigarette while life revolves around you. It is not a performance We are talking about. It is not a rehearsed role. Neutrality is not something you put on like a tam.

You don't have to be dramatic about what occurs in life. Nor do you have to be withdrawn. Lack of attachment means that you stay intact. You live your life, and you feel compassionate towards others and their lives, but you are not catapulted by them. You are not distressed by them.

Neutrality doesn't mean ignoring life. It doesn't mean casting it aside. It means loving life and knowing that you witness it. There is

Plunge into life, and maintain your awareness. Life on Earth
seems like everything there is. It seems like the main play. But there is life beyond Earth and beyond what seems to happen here on the globe.
Remember you have a Heavenly Father from Whom you are descended. Remember that on Earth you rise. You rise to the starting place. You are not simply engrossed in life on this plane. You also feel the ribbons of Heaven pulling at you.

Life is like an apple, and Heaven transforms it into a caramel apple. The apple is the same. It's simply dipped in Heaven and becomes a sweeter apple. Earth life does not have to be stuck on Earth.

There are many sides to life. And there are many sides to you.
Surely you are as much many-sided as a cube or a diamante. You turn as surely as the world does. Surely life on Earth is not the whole status of your life. If it were, where would evolution be? What is it that would evolve? You twirl with the Earth, but your evolution is on another plane.
Your evolution is with Me.

You evolve whether you are conscious of it or not. You reach new heights independent of the world's goings-on.

But awareness is a lovely thing. It is one thing to stand on the curb of the world, and another to know that you stand on a dais elevated to Heaven. It is one thing to see yourself solely as an Earthling, and another to know that you also come from Heaven and to Heaven take flight. To Heaven you are returning in your awareness, right now you are. Right now you are a Lighted Being on your way to rediscovery of Heaven.

Right where you stand, your heart rises to Heaven. Feel the glow.
Feel your lightness as you ascend. Feel the traffic quieting itself. Feel yourself lifting, not as a rocket, but as a Heavenly Being ascending softly, softly. Your ascent is so soft it is almost unnoticed. Every once in a while now, be aware. Be aware that you are ascending now. You have always been.

This is not the future We are speaking of. This is Infinity.

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HEAVEN #1837 This Is Infinity November 15, 2005

When I read this my mind automatically started to sing the theme song to The Jeffersons. Does anyone remember that song? We're moving on up to the deluxe apartment in the sky--- We finally got a piece of the pie--

HEAVEN #1837 “ This Is Infinity “

My heart does grateful reading this heavenly letters.
My heart rises softly higher and higher to Heaven
I re-read and re-read it just to let my heart enjoying this awareness,
awareness that my heart ascending now, whether I am conscious of it or not. Thanks God for this lovely moment.

" Right where you stand, your heart rises to Heaven.
Feel the glow.
Feel your lightness as you ascend"

This is strenghening and enhancing our awareness in living our life here and now, isn't it?
I think this help and enable us in loving life and knowing that we witness it at the same time.

This is truly infinity.

With much Loves & Lights,
tri gunanto


I wonder if you know how beautiful is what you write.

You support God so magnificently. It is so natural for you.

So much innocence comes through.

I do not want to make you self-conscious. I know you write only from your hearts.

Love and blessings,