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HEAVEN #1836 Love on Earth November 14, 2005

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HEAVEN #1836 Love on Earth November 14, 2005

God said:

I speak to you of love. I describe it every way I know how. Mull it over. Consider that what I say is true. Consider that My love is true, My love for you is true. It is ultimate love. It is infinite. What keeps you together is My love. What fashioned you is My love. My love can do anything.
It can move mountains. It can move you.

My love surrounds you. It is in, around, above, beneath everything else that you imagine. And everything else is imagined because only love is.

I know this is hard for you to believe, really believe with your heart and soul, because you see suffering and disease and trivia passing across the screen of life, and you feel injured, and you sometimes feel incapable of love, of even receiving it. You fear love is false. You fear it is nonexistent. You fear it is not for you.

Use the world love more in your talking to yourself, and love will become more live for you. Do not be afraid to list all that you love. What you love will not be whisked away from you. It will be affirmed. Name the hundreds and thousands of bits and pieces of life that you love, from your fingernails to a steak dinner, and you will start to feel more love rising in your life.

Tell Me, beloveds, are there not a hundred aspects to your life that you adore? Are there not a hundred aspects that you could not love? The thing is: you are alive. You are alive on Earth. You are alive on this hunting-ground of love. You are alive on this meeting place of love. You are alive on this fertile field.

Love on Earth is powerful. Love on Earth not only loves but, in so loving, it hacks away at all the seeming disturbances to it. It removes clutter. It polishes the silver. It makes music, and it makes you dance.

Who could have invented love but I? Who could have dreamed it? Who could have manifested it? Who could have given it away so fully, knowing full well that it could only be returned? The rain that falls is returned to its source. Every thought returns. Why would I question the reciprocity of love? And why would you?

Even when you give a drop of love, and it seems to be spurned, you gave it. That is enough. You held a door open for someone. If they did not notice nor thank you, that is their oversight, not yours. Perhaps they were too self-occupied to notice that someone in passing had given them a token of love for a minute. Yes, they were self-occupied.

But you will not be. You will notice love right and left. You will pick it up from the street. You will give it from your window. You will call all creation and all love to you. You will be like a yodeler in the Swiss Alps whose love call reverberates and reverberates and is received far away even when the echoes are too quiet to hear.

Every pore of your body is pouring out love. Every magnificent cell is vibrating love. Love flows through your veins. Love will be heard. Love will not be stomped on. It will not be stuffed in a drawer nor under the couch. Love is going to come out from every corner, and it is going to announce itself, and you will be present. You will hear it. And you will love it, and you will catch it, and you will spread it around. You will top the world with it.

Oh, beloveds, We are extremely in love, you and I, and you will radiate Our love for all the world to see. Our love is the only love that is. There is One Love, and here We are, sopping up Our love like bread and gravy.

Copyright@ 11-14-05

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