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HEAVEN #1835 Your Physical Body November 13, 2005

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HEAVEN #1835 Your Physical Body November 13, 2005

God said:

Sometimes you don't recognize how tired your body is. Instead of taking stimulants, take some rest. You may experience fatigue as restlessness. Take this as a sign, not for activity, but for rest. If the body wants rest, let it have it. Go with the body rather than opposing it.
Read its signals. In the world you are entwined with your body. It is dependent upon you. Give it equal time. Listen to it.

The physical body serves you well. It is not to be made an idol of, but it is to be recognized. It deserves a certain place of honor. Many times you have made it a victim. You have made it the fall guy. You blame it for many things. Yet the physical body works hard for you.

The body is nothing without you. It cannot get along without you. It would like to be your smooth-wheeling chariot. It would like to be your Lamborghini. It is meant to be a vehicle. It is not meant to hold you back.

You are far more than your physical body. Yet it is on loan to you for a while. Give credence to that which you borrow. You take good care of a house rental or even a house at the beach for a week. However long you are in charge of your body, be kind to it.

Your body does so much for you during your stint on Earth. It is, beloveds, one of the gifts I have given to you. Your body doesn't have to be the main thing in your life, but you also don't have to make it feel awkward. It has a place in your life. It is not an intruder. It is supposed to be with you, and you are supposed to be with it. You caretake each other.

Although the world seems to adore the physical body, the world also disdains it. Yes, soul is mighty, yet the body is not without merit. It takes you around. It smiles for you. It means to show you a good time. In any case, you two have to get along. The body has nowhere to go and nothing to do without you.

Consider your body a guest. Give it every consideration. Treat it right. It is not royalty, but it is a guest. Go a little bit out of your way for your guests, even those that hang out a long time. Be hospitable. Enjoy your guest. Accommodate it. Guests do not stay forever. Young or old, a guest is a guest. In the case of your body, you have only one.

Bodies carry eyes, and are not eyes beautiful to look into and out of? Are eyes not beautiful to behold? Eyes see eyes. For a moment there is a glance into the soul. Even physical bodies remind you of what is beyond the physical.

Even though your body accompanies you, it does not have to hamper you. It can travel only so far, yet, even while you are still in it, you can travel beyond all the physical. The body can't go anywhere without you. One day you will drop it. You will walk out of it never to return. This is not to mourn, yet, still you want to treat your friend well while it serves you.

You don't want to make too much of your body, but nor do you want to make too little of it. Your body does your every bidding. Even when obstinate, it is trying to obey you as best it can. Appreciate this loyal servant, this physical body that traipses after you.

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