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Creating Real Love’s Resonance

Tuesday Circle at Circle of Light
August 23, 2005
The Messages from God
Through Yael and Doug Powell

Excerpts from Creating Real Love’s Resonance
and Holding the World in It
8-13-05 The Anniversary of Harmonic Convergence

Love is a feeling. Real Love is a feeling that vibrates in ecstatic joy, as your consciousness is bathed in this golden-white glow. Real Love has a resonance that is the highest purest song of joy that you can feel upon your living heart as the signature of our oneness, the song of pure Love sung in the octave of joy.
Once you have felt this living vibration of Love as it sings its praise within your heart, then you have a vibration to remember, to attune yourself. You can keep your heart vibration at the level of this joy.

Once you feel this joy, dearest ones, then it can be translated easily into words and thoughts, using the mind as a secondary instrument, one that can express this Love in the symbols of language. Your body can then interpret the joy, accepting the rare song, the glorious vibration. Then it too becomes an expression of the perfection of life and it will shape itself to symbolically express it.

So this vibration of Love is the very first attainment. It allows the glorious Twin Flame heart to be expressed in the world. But most of all, beloved ones, it raises the vibration of every life within its sphere of influence.
Love is not of this world, and nothing in this world will help you find it or create it. For, beloved ones, even human Love and human good are part of the illusion. You have to lift beyond the duality completely, and from the Real, which is endless Love, Love vast and glorious, Love is ever waiting to include everyone and everything.

So what happens often is that you get a taste of freedom, but then you “come back to Earth,” and begin to transfer this to human good. The ego-mind gets in the way, and in the name of Love (and in the name of helping) begins to push away that which is less than perfect Love in yourselves and in others. And beloved ones, it is so subtle! For you do it in the name of helping. But everything you push away, you help to create more of, because to push against gives it validity. You believe it is something negative, (whatever it happens to be that you believe someone should “rise above” or change), or something that you wish someone would shift. Even believing that you want to help when it includes noticing what another needs to change is living in the duality and giving your focus to less than their Love.

So this week of Harmonic Convergence will be a magnificent change that will now make the truth clear and available – the level of Love, the octave of Love, the vibration of joy that is the truth of the Real is FAR beyond mere human good. It is Love that is celestial, Love that is divine, Love that vibrates with scintillating life. It is Love that is fully and most gloriously alive, Love that has its own resonance that is known deeply to your hearts. This singing Love is so uplifting that it brings your focus totally up and beyond, beyond the duality, beyond life on Earth into the realms that are the Real. As this plays upon your hearts, it gives this Love a presence here, for you are Love appearing here “on Earth.”

Then the shift becomes a clear one as the ego is released and loved. You become a living presence of My Love, your hearts a living prism that reflects My Love. And the vibration of your hearts IS Heaven, IS the Real, attuning every precious life without the mind’s assistance (!) into the joyous vibration of Love that is the vibration of Heaven on Earth. Heaven is a state of consciousness and a vibration of Real Love. It is not a place, but an experience of the Real, and the Real, this Love, the Twin Flame heart and the glorious act of Giving are available now, to you.

Everything now becomes focus, dearest ones, on the vibration of the Real and of this glorious Love. For as you attune yourselves to it, you become a magnet for others, and as you become able to hold this vibration, then the Love that you give to others brings it outward to others. As I have said to you, until this time you had to become aware of the ego-mind you were holding. For it does take awareness to choose to release all the old and false beliefs. But now, with this week, you make a glorious shift into the vibration of the living Now Moment. This week you return Home to Me.

As you hold this vibration and wrap all in inclusive Love, now as you love them, this Love from the Real can make it all the way into their lives, the lives of your brothers and sisters and of the whole structure of the world. As you hold all in Love and you attune your sweet heart, all who you are holding you attune as well. This is because now you are working at the level of their spirit, of what you have called the I Am Presence. From this level there is nothing that you must Reconnect. Everything is already Love, just remembering itself.

So the magnetic charge now shifts, this week. It shifts from the ego-mind and the illusion it has built to the Real Now Moment. Thus that which now draws you, from this week on, is the River of Life and the vibration of Love. All of your life now comes toward it. I ask you to spend your moments in the Vertical Breath and to encircle in Love every person that I send to you, pouring into them their vibration of Real light – their vibration as received through joy and through the River of Live – My consciousness of them. You can use your voice to speak what it is that is their central presence, their “Vertical Breath” in its loving alignment to the truth of who they are in Me.

And, beloved ones, please attune yourselves up and up the vibrational scale until you can feel joy filling your heart. Then when you give you are sending forth this vibration that is the octave of Love and pure joy. Attune your hearts to Me, dearest ones. Attune your hearts to joy and to the receipt of the light. At first it will take some effort to hold this pure resonance of Love. But quickly it shall become your every day experience, together with your beloved Twin Flame. As it does become your signature, it will draw into your life an ever-greater, ever-widening experience of living the New World of Love right here “in the world.” Ultimately just your vibration, dear ones, will be like the moon exerting its influence on the tides. You will be holding this world in pure Love and it will steadily pull the vibration of Earth into the Real, the unity of Love that we are.


This is our Tuesday night meditation, on August 23, 2005.

As always, first let’s all join our hearts together. Expanding our awareness, and expanding our awareness of our heart to include each other, in a great circle of living Love. That we create together a heart through which God’s Love can pour tonight to bless this world. And God, I give you thanks for your glorious presence here in us and through us in the opening of our hearts, the attunement of our vibration, so that we can be your living presence here on the Earth. And I ask you to be manifest as these words and images, and as the experience that each of us has of your glorious Love tonight. Amen.

And now, let us all begin by breathing together. Breathing in -- and as you breathe out, let all tension fall away. As you breathe in, begin to feel your heart opening. Breathing out all attachment to the illusory world. Breathing in the freedom of God, and breathing out all identities of limitation. Breathing in God’s pure, pure Love.

And now, beginning to allow that Love to flow outward with each out-breath. With every breath in, breathe in the pure Love from the Moment of Creation itself. And breathe out this Love to bless the whole world -- to include everyone in it in the scope of this Love. As you breathe in again, let your consciousness be filled with light. Breathing out the Love of God, pouring through your heart.

With each breath, you begin to feel your attunement with the truth of Love, with the Real, and with the truth in each heart alive on Earth. And now, beloved ones, as you breathe in, feel and see the glorious star of light that is your living heart. And as you breathe out Love, see it connect to all the stars of light that are the hearts of humankind. With each breath in, My Love comes directly into your heart, and with each breath out, it amplifies the Love in every heart on Earth. Not only human hearts, but the hearts of every energy of every animal, of every stream of life that shares this experience.

Breathing in, the Love I Am. As you breathe out, this Love connects you to the truth of every heart. Beloved ones, as you feel these hearts, I ask you to wrap them all in your precious embrace. And as you wrap them, please allow yourself to feel My Love, my tenderness. How deeply I cherish every precious life.

And now begin to feel this same Love that I have for you. I love you with all I Am, which is the whole life of everything. As you feel My Love, let yourself relax and surrender your life to Me. You are floating in My embrace in this ocean of Love I Am.

As I lift you now into the Real, all humankind, all life on Earth, beloved ones, comes with you. As you feel this Love in all its tenderness, let it overflow from your full hearts to wash all life in its beauty and in Love’s inclusiveness.

So now I ask you, dear ones, as you breathe in, to focus once again on your heart, and to follow the great rays of light into the very center. And as you feel the center of your heart, let its diamond clarity bathe you in amazement and joy that this purity of Love is the center of your life. With each breath in, this diamond light shines brighter, and even clearer, until you become aware that it is drawing you through its doorway to the Real.

So as your focus gently floats down in closer to this glorious light, it fills your consciousness and shines beyond in a scintillating prism of light that’s filled with every color that I have placed within your heart. These colors are the pattern of your precious Twin Flame Love that shines forth as the light comes blazing through your heart.

So, first there is the pure white light, becoming, through its prism, all the colors that speak of you and your glorious uniqueness. And as these colors now fill your consciousness, they become a living rainbow-bridge right into the Real. And as they open up and fully shine, beloved ones -- each of you -- feel the glory that you are, the miracle of My heart.

And as you continue to breathe, your consciousness expands, and you become alive in the rainbow itself. In a way no mind can understand, these colors, these patterns, speak your name to you. And in them, as you allow yourself to float free, to be unlimited, to feel the glory of your amazing heart, and the precious life you are, you become aware of the Twin Flame breath that these colors breathe you, and you breathe them back, in a great exchange of glorious life -- and the dance of Twin Flame Love.

From the center of your Twin Flame heart, the pure white light comes shooting forth in a fountain of your Love for Me that you always share together. For, beloved ones, you are My heart. And every moment the song of your life is a song of praise. A song of praise to the one great Love I Am -- and to the Moment of Creation. To the great explosion of life that gives you this Twin Flame Love.

As you love me, every atom of your magnificent, unlimited, and glorious life, is a song of praise that nothing, dear ones, can ever duplicate. And as your song of living praise -- that is the explosion of your own sweet Love – joins with the Moment of Creation itself – My Love responds to you. While there is not separation, there is the experience of Love given and received, that is the movement of the very cosmos itself – the lifeblood of all Creation. For I Am life, and life is always movement – always Love.

And now I ask you, each, oh precious heart, each of you, to open wide your magnificent Twin Flame heart to its full capacity, to receive My Love in response to your praise and your Love for Me. Your heart is as wide as the cosmos itself. It is that open, and its waiting, dear ones, to receive the acknowledgment of My Love for you.

This is the fuel of your life. Into your waiting heart I now pour My Love. And I ask you, at last, to finally feel it – to remember, beloved one, each precious Twin Flame heart. To remember how I love you. Oh, I love you with all that I Am -- with the whole great life of Creation itself. I love you beyond all imagining, dear one, each and every one of you.

Only as you let My Love in can you ever know how magnificent you are and how abundant your life is meant to be, each one of you. More abundant than the very universe that you believe you are part of. More abundant than the cosmos. More abundant, more filled with Love, than anything you could ever imagine. The only way to experience this is with your fully open heart. And now, your open heart, waiting to receive the next pulse of My Love for you, is filled with the awareness of every other life that is nourished through the Love that comes through your heart.

It is only as you receive My Love – fully receive it in every way – that you can truly be the heart of God – giving Love with your Twin Flame every Now Moment. Because you must have this Love, and know it intimately, before it can overflow from your open heart and pour forth to bless all of life. For you are the center of Creation.

As this wave of Love comes into your heart, every atom of your being is in ecstasy, is in joy, is in abundant Love and gratitude. Beloved one, please feel it, for there are no words that can possibly encompass this Love I have for you. As your heart is filled to overflowing, in your Twin Flame heart – your Twin Flame womb – you move together automatically to amplify this Love. And at the same moment, in orgasmic joy, your Love for Me pours forth again, and your Love for life – the giving Love -- also pours through you.

In this moment, you experience it all, beyond all time. It is all fully present – the Love you give to Me, and the Love you receive. The giving of Love that is your purpose. And as you feel it all as one great movement, you are fully connected to the River of Life, which nourishes all Creation. It pours through your Twin Flame heart.

Oh, beloved ones, as your heart is open and your consciousness unlimited, let this gently, gently rest in you – that your heart is so vast – so open – so magnificent – that the River of Life pours through your heart. And that is how it’s delivered. There is no way that the human mind can understand this shift. But your waiting hearts know it perfectly.

You are the source of abundant life, of pure, magnificent Love -- the center-point of the Moment of Creation. You are a part of the two who are One, that is what I Am.

And now, beloved ones, as you feel this Love and you feel the honor of receiving it -- of being this glorious heart – of being a living part of the great double helix that is the forces of life itself -- I gently ask you to now remember your life as it appeared to you as a life on Earth. And to acknowledge how tiny your perception of yourself was compared to your magnificent heart. Your heart that is vast as Creation itself – the heart of the Creation of Love that I Am.

And you can see, dearest ones, how ridiculous it was to see yourselves as merely human. To see yourselves as lacking anything, especially lacking abundance. For the River of Life flows through you and is given focus by your heart. I must say this to you again. The River of Life itself, dearest ones, flows through your glorious Twin Flame heart, and is given focus by you – focus through your heart. Illumination by your consciousness – direction by Me – always and forever.

So, I Am the whole of Love, and in perfect synchronicity, all Love pours forth each Now Moment. Directed by the great dance of living Love I Am, it comes to your heart complete with instructions of how to focus it once it is amplified by you in your magnificent Twin Flame heart.

So, now, dear ones, you can see and feel how effortlessly you can live your life, as you are focusing it here and on Earth. Especially now that the veil is gone and the River of Life is fully present here, and everywhere, as pure living Love.

So, as you turn your attention back to the Earth -- back to the appearances of a dream of limitation, I ask you to be fully aware that the point where you appear in the dream is simply a point of focus for the River of Life itself. And from the Real, beloved ones, I ask you to see and to feel that point – to recognize that it shows up in the dream as the heart chakra.

And now, as you become aware of the magnitude of this living Love that is pouring through your heart in the Real, I ask you to feel it now moving through your heart in the world as you appear on Earth. The great River of Life itself is now pouring through your heart as your focus returns to the heart chakra – the center of your life on Earth. Except now, dearest ones, there is only this light.

As you attempt to return to your vision as a human, there is only this light, blazing forth through your heart, and pouring out to bless the Earth. Bring it all to this light – returning its vibration easily to love. As this glorious River of living light -- both gold and white, that is your Twin Flame identity -- comes pouring through your heart as it appears here on Earth, it gathers to itself all the symbols of an abundant life, beyond any human imagining. For you are the life of God.

And thus, as you move into the world, dear one, each of you, you are a ray of light -- a Twin Flame ray of living Love. From this moment, you will always remember that this is the truth of who you are, and of your heart and of what you bring to this world, dearest one.

Each of you as a Twin Flame heart, each of you, could easily transform this world to Love. But in doing so, it would be too much for the consciousness that is reversed, and you would burn it up. So, therefore, you have come to, for a little while, pretend to be less than this glorious light.

But now its time to remember. So as you flood the world with the very River of Life, we gently together, carefully lift it, at just the right speed, with just the right touch, back to the truth of Love. So, beloved ones, it is easily done. It is only My timing that you wait upon now. And the opening of your awareness – your remembrance – of your truth, will now allow you to begin appearing here as your glorious self.

So right here, right now, we unite the world in one vibration of precious Love. And yet, it moves through time – the upliftment here – so that none are left behind. So that every consciousness has time to unwind and remember the truth once again.

So, you are golden light, you are white light, in a dance of pure, sweet Love. And it is this that I leave you with – this remembrance of the unity and the movement of our Love for each other.


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