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Siva Baba

Karma, Money and Relationships

Your karma is basically responsible for your prosperity, poverty or condition in between. Everyone fundamentally comes with karmic baggage that is directly responsible for his or her life. Nevertheless, the mind kicks in and says, "I can change anything. I can change my money. I can change my relationship." The result is that nothing happens.

Karma seems to succeed regardless of human efforts and maneuvering. Does this mean that your life is fatalistic? No. In order to change your karma that is in your DNA, you need Divine assistance.Being in the presence of Baba, you will dissolve your karma.Baba says, "I don't have to teach or
touch you.If you are in my presence or have seen my picture,
I will change your karma."

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From the Siddha Tradition of Tamil Nadu, Enlightened Master, Siva Baba is the guru who inspired Dr. Wayne Dyer's best seller, "Manifest Your Destiny" which is based on Siva Baba's "Ah" meditation.

India. :D