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A Course in Miracles Presentation


Dr Laura has made a Beautiful Musical
Presentation of A Course in Miracles at:


Dr. Laura's FANTASTIC Mulit-Media Presentation

Whether you are A Course in Miracles fan or not, you don't want to miss this multi-media presentation.

I don't know what I thought a presentation was, but I've got to tell you that this one blew me away.

She did an incredible job, and look at the words she had to work with!

Dr. Laura said she is envisioning such a presentation for Heavenletters. I'd love to see it, of course.

Thanks, Shahid, for bringing this to my attention.

Love, Gloria

A Course in Miracles Presentation

Dear Gloria,

I am glad you liked the Presentation too.
I really thought the Pictures she selected
went very well with the words that appeared-
Dont you think so?

Yes,I am eager to see the HeavenLetters
Multi-Media Presentation of Dr Laura

Love and Joy,

A Course in Miracles Presentation

Just beautiful!
Thankyou Shahid

Presentation of ACIM

What a beautiful site, sight. Dr. Laura has always sent healing loving messages since she joined HeavenLetters. Her training has amazing things to offer the healing mind. Thank you Gloria for sending her emails originally, and Shahid. A HeavenLetters presentation similarly done would be as glorious; there are so many thoughts of love in HL to use. Photographs of God's wonders really help get the message through too.