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A good experience of Himalayan Youth Conference

Dear Friends


i arrived only yesterday evening after participating the Himalayan Youth Confernce, Ujjain, India. We all had a great time in Ujjain, everyone ( mridu, minakshi, deepa, ganesh, jagannath, prabuddha, pravin ) were quite active and smart.... they all gave a BEST IMPRESSION there in Con. i really proud of my children - the committed and visionary youths of YSP. All the participants of different countries and states of India were saying that the conference would not have become so lively without the participants form Nepal.

The con. went on for 3 days ( Nov. 19th- 21st ) under the perfect guidance of Sri Saidas Baba Ji. i presented a paper - Role of Youth in Social Reformation. Likewise, my dearest students Mridu and Ganesh also gave wonderful talks from the youths. And all the other youths were quite active, energetic and enthusiastic to interact on the main topic of con. - ' Values for a Valuable Life ". In fact, It was kind of religious Mela as well and was a great gathering of the devotees Sri Saidas Baba Ji. All the programs, management and the deeply affectionate hospitality of every single organizer /member was highly praiseworthy.... which we all will treasure in our heart for ever.

It was only a week long tour but was a great pleasure for me/ us as we got a chance to meet our dear freinds Dr. Nina ( Children of the Earth, Vermont ,USA ) Nana ( Aburi, Ghana ) and some other well reputed interfaith leaders of the Indian society. Also it was a good platform for us to meet many other youths of different countries, especially the youths from different states of India.

i'm also happy to let you know that a famous singer Mr. Manhar Udas, ( the eldest brother of Pankaj Udas ) who was invited there to perform the cultural program ( Bhajan Sandhya ) at the closing day, sang a piece of Nepali song ( sang by Mr. Premdhoj Pradhan ) among the audience of hundreds of people , we all were thrilled... in fact, love has no any boundary !!!!

Well friends, there are many ways to serve our human society and give respect to each religion and culture of the world and spread the good human values - Dharma, on international level . So i'm extremely happy to let you all know that we all got a good chance to work together, understand each other, inspire our youths and re- visualize our common dreams in this Himalayan Youth Conference.




My dear friend, Yogiji,

How much I appreciate your sharing your God-ordained conference and journey.

Ah, do I understand correctly that the children you love and educate were with you? What a wonderful thing. This conference was much more than theory. How many children went with you?

I used to teach in public school so many years ago. The children were inspiration for me.

I think of the children in this country who get their way so much, and I think of your children in Nepal who are grateful for everything.

Today is Thanksgiving Day in America. I am thankful for you, dear Yogiji and all the good you do.

God bless you.

With love,