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The Heart

In this short booklet, Nirmala points the reader back to their own heart, the truest source of wisdom. Here are some excerpts:

"The Heart is wise and accurate and can show you how true it is to stay or go, how true it is to buy a house, how true it is to take a new job, even how true it is to eat another cookie. But it also can show you much more of the possibilities inherent in this life and much more of the truth of your ultimate Being. In relation to these bigger truths, the practical questions of your life turn out to be relatively small matters. Using your Heart only to know things like what to do or where to live is like using a global positioning satellite system to find the way from your bedroom to your bathroom; it utilizes only a small part of your Heart’s capacity.

However, following your Heart day in and day out can put you in touch with the richness of the functioning of this dimension of your Being. Along the way, you may also find your Heart opening in response to the deeper movements of Being that touch every life.

"In the midst of a very profound and large experience of truth, the sense of your self can become so large and inclusive that it no longer has much of a sense of being your Being. When you awaken to the oneness of all things, the sense of a me can thin out quite dramatically. If you are the couch you are sitting on and the clouds in the sky and everything else, then it simply doesn’t make sense to call it all me. If it’s so much more than what you usually take yourself to be, then the term me is just too small.

In a profound experience of truth, the sense of me softens and expands to such a degree that there’s only a slight sense of me as a separate self remaining, perhaps just as the observer of the vastness of truth. Beyond these profound experiences of the truth, is the truth itself. When you’re in touch with the ultimate truth and the most complete sense of Being, there’s nothing separate remaining to sense itself—there’s no experience and no experiencer, no Heart, and no sense of self. There is only Being."


"Wisdom from the Heart"

Thank you Shahid. Nirmala's description of the wise heart is so dear and real. This is the sort of experience those postings of meditation were meant to help with. With meditation we are supposed to recognize our "heart light" wisdom. I'm sure there are other ways too, and it depends on one's own Self.