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Dear One, I posted my answer to your question about the meaning of the English word bailiwick, and I see that my answer doesn't show. I think we're not supposed to post under the Heavenletter itself, but under Heavenletter Comments. I THINK that's what happened.

So I am putting my answer here since I want you to know I did answer it on the forum:

Darling, I would translate it as speciality. And I will post my answer now too.

My dictionary says it’s from Old English. Originally it meant the office, jurisdiction, or district of a bailiff. In U.S. (apparently not in England) it means a person’s own area of authority or competence.

Just for your information, wic in Old English meant village.

With so much love and appreciation, dear Emmy.

P.S. You've just sent me the translation now. Do I understand correctly that that you translated bailiwick to verbeteren!


Gloria sorry for the confusion but I did get your translation.
I translated bailiwick into: Specialiteit (speciality in English)