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HEAVEN #1822 Great Peace October 31, 2005

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God is always bringing us closer to Him.

HEAVEN #1822 Great Peace October 31, 2005

God said:

Uncrowd your thoughts and uncrowd your life. Have you not been crowding your life? Have you not filled up your life in order to distract yourself from it?

Now make your life a serene lake rather than tumultuous rapids.

Create space in your life. Make elbow room for peace.

Let peace be like the star at the top of the Christmas tree. Let peace be where your eyes go to.

Let peace be like a green meadow. Spread a blanket and have a picnic there. Let peace be the grass and you reclining on it.

Let peace reign in your heart.

Let you be a wand of peace.

When you allow space in your life, there will be no haste. There will be no running. There will be walking. There will be a settledness in life.

You fear that absence of agitation would be boring. You are mistaken. Peace is stirring. Peace will stir untold treasures within you.

The treasures will be like stars coming out. All of the world will come out from hiding when peace lands.

Peace will not be sequined, but it will be bright sunshine. It will be like nature in its full regalia.

Look at nature in full bloom, and you will know what peace feels like.

Peace is not a lull. It is the epitome of life on Earth. Try it.

Live today as if there were peace everywhere. Breathe deeply, and have the confidence that peace brings. Suddenly, the world will become Technicolor. Doors and windows will open. Life will become like a royal ball, and life will be danced. There will be lightness of foot and lightness of spirit. Everyone will dance with the King and Queen. All will be King and
Queen. I would not have a Kingdom where I am King, and no one else is. I will have Oneness, so always I dance with Myself, and that is you. You are Myself dancing on Earth. In peace, you will have the presence of mind to comprehend Who you are and Whom, so to speak, you are dancing with.

Life will become like a waterfall sparkling in the sunlight.
Everything you touch will turn into golden light. Everything will be golden light. Nothing else will be known. The world will be golden light upon golden light, golden light everywhere.

Love will not be noted because all will be love. Love brings peace, and peace is made of love. It can't be made of anything else. Peace is the shedding of anything that cannot be counted as love. All that is false will leave, and blessed Truth will remain, and Truth and love will be celebrated in the streets. Life will become a celebration of itself. Every day a holiday. Every day a Holy Day of love. Love will know no interruption.

Life will become a parade of love. Shiny batons will turn into wands of love. Drum rolls will echo the beat of your heart. Feet will step high.
There will be singing in the streets. The world will be noised with love.
Instead of speeches, there will be love.

Where there is peace, there will be no wandering. There will be no widows and no orphans. All will be in union. Demarcations will not be known.
Oneness will be known. Everyone will be mother and father, and everyone will be child. No one will be in a corner. Fear will not exist. What a change that will make in the upsurge of life.

Uncrowded, life will begin, and joy will be known. Great peace is the same as great joy.

Copyright@ 10-31-05

I have trouble expressing how much this touched me

Gloria and All,

This letter was truly baum to my soul when I received it yesterday!!! As someone who is going through several transitions at the moment, it is always a precious reminder that there is always peace, in, and with, God!!!

But then again, like all of us, I truly love Heavenletters... they always touch and inspire me!!! I'm honored to receive a Heavenletter each day. They always brighten my morning!!! Again, Gloria, thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for providing this wonderful service to humanity! The letters are a constant source of boundless love and light, and I'm so very grateful to have them as part of my spiritual growth and journey!!

Love and Blessings to All,