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HEAVEN #1824 Beyond November 2, 2005

HeavenlettersT, bringing Earth closer to Heaven.
HEAVEN is here to reach every soul on earth to reawaken:
* Our connection to God * Our belief in ourselves *
* Our awareness of our shared worthiness to God *
* Peace on Earth *
God is always bringing us closer to Him.

HEAVEN #1824 Beyond November 2, 2005

God said:

You were present at the moment of creation. There never was a time that you were not present. But you did not need time to be present. You were before time. Time is an imaginary thought you pass through, rather like the eye of the needle. Or, We could say that time passes through you. In any case, time passes. It is a passing fancy, or fantasy, if you prefer.

It is impossible to come to grips with time. Time is so elusive.
Time simply won't stay still. It is like the opposite of silence. Silence stays still. It has no beginning and end. It has no interruption. Even in the face of time, silence is. It is around here somewhere right now. Amidst noise, silence is.

A waterfall has a source. The splashing is not the source. The splashing is the outpouring of the source.

We can consider life on Earth the splashing. The splashing does not affect the Source. The Source is not dampened by the splashing. Splashing is splashing, and Source is Source. Splashing is temporal. Source is infinite.

Infinite means no beginning and no end. If there can't be an end to infinity, there can't be a beginning either. There was no "before time" any more than there is "after time", for time does not exist at all. There is Infinity, and that's all that there is. Infinity is all-encompassing, even though there is nothing to encompass. There is nothing for Infinity to put its arms around. Oneness and Infinity - what else can there be?

There are other synonyms for Oneness and Infinity. There is love, and there is joy. When you come down to it, there is nothing else. This also means there is nothing else to differentiate Oneness etc. from. There is no other either. If there is only Oneness, there is no two-ness. If there is only Infinity, there is no time nor timelessness. There is Infinity which is much too vast to fit into time. If there is only love which is beyond emotion, then anger and fear and envy and hate are all made-up. They are first-class trivia. They are like nails pounded into wood and taken out again to be rehammered in the same wood another day. They don't really build anything. They are just an occupation.

And space, which you like to think you move in, is also imaginary.
You take up no space at all. Your body does, but the material is really immaterial. Your body sits in a chair in a room in a house on a street and so forth. In actuality, there is no space for you to take up. You are spaceless and timeless.

You are not really even separate souls, though for convenience of communication, We say so. There is one Soul, and it does not wander through space. There is the concept of space, but space itself does not exist.

You are bigger than space. You are bigger than time. Yet it can only be imagined that you are bigger, because time and space are not, so how can you be bigger?

You can't be bigger than anything. You can't be bigger than love, for you are love. You can't be more than Oneness, because you are Oneness.
Nor can you be less. There is no more, and there is no less. Oneness stands alone, but is not lonely. It is crowds that are lonely. Imagined apartness from Oneness is lonely. Apartness and loneliness can only be imagined.

You live in an imaginary world, beloveds. It is your mind that wanders. Your heart stays still. Of course it does. Your heart is One with Mine, and Mine is One with yours. Oh, My beloved Self, We sink into Oneness.
Or We rise. Well, we can do neither, because We stay right where We are.

Copyright@ 11-2-05