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HEAVEN #1825 There Is Love November 3, 2005

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God is always bringing us closer to Him.

HEAVEN #1825 There Is Love November 3, 2005

God said:

Is there greater happiness than being with Me? There is no greater happiness for Me than being with you. I enjoy when you cheer a game or win a prize. I enjoy those too. And yet the game gets over, and you keep your prize or lose it somewhere and you want another and another.

But when it comes to God, there is no other. There is only Me. And I am yours. And half the time or more, you have no clue to My existence. You are caught up in an important detail of life. You scrounge around for a lost button, and you forsake your recollection of Me. You are intent on a button, and forgetful of Me.

Of course, it's true, I cannot be lost. Therefore, it is not urgent to find Me. And yet it is urgent because without awareness of Our Oneness, you feel forsaken. You feel lost and feel that no one is looking for you or looking out for you. Sometimes you feel like a lost button that no one cares about. All the while, it is impossible for Me not to care about you. Oh, beloveds, the idea of not caring about you is preposterous.

I follow you day and night. I never let you out of My sight. You see, I follow your golden light. Your light is all I see. I comprehend all that you see, and I comprehend that you believe in what you see, yet, all the while, all I can see for Myself is your golden light. Made in My image, you reflect My golden light. Golden light is all that exists. Call it love, call it light, call it joy, call it peace, golden light is all. You are nothing but a swirl of golden light. Of course, the words "nothing but" mean totally. All this other that you imagine and hold dear doesn't exist. Or, it can be said to exist, but, then, it exists solely as golden light obscured.

Sometimes, often, golden light does not see itself. It is so entranced in this or that blink of itself, it becomes its own mirage. You may see what is mirage as actual, and what is actual you fancy is mirage.

And yet, what does that matter? It changes nothing. Regardless of anything, you are My golden light frolicking on Earth. You are the play of sunlight. You are the excursion you take to the beach. You sun yourself in yourself, and you lie on your self that you call sand or beach, and you wade in the waves of your light that you call ocean. All is reflected light. All is light reflected. You reflect everything, and your true reflection escapes you.

If for one moment you experienced the Truth about you, it would last you for Eternity. It would last you through this tiny lifetime, of course, and yet, you would not be satisfied. You are not satisfied. Yet you could be satisfied. You could be satisifed with the knowledge that I AM.

Think of it! I AM. And that means you are. I am you, and you are I.
We blink Our eyes and play a board game. We call it Life on Earth. There is no patent on this game. And there are infinite versions of it. And, despite what you may think, everyone wins. Everyone gets past Go, and everyone keeps going around.

Enjoy the game you play. Whatever the particular interlude you play is called, enjoy the motion of it. Enjoy its call. To whom does life call?
It calls to you.

"Come out and play," life says. "Come out and play with me. Let's run up and down hills together. Let's go through the forests and find the glades. Let's dance on mountain tops and on tables. Let's dance. Embrace me," life says. "Embrace me for all I am worth. And I am worth a great deal.
But remember, dear user and fulfiller of me, that I am great expression of great Golden Light. I will be the wand you wave in honor of God Who created us. He gave me to you, and you to me. He said to enjoy me. He said to make merry."

I never said to make war. I cannot comprehend war any more than you can. I cannot see the sense of it when there is love to play instead.

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